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Bought 2 h110s


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Although my previous horrible experience with the h100i, due to price/performance of any review of CPU coolers I've continued to purchase Corsair Water Cooling products.

But as with the previous h100i the fans rattle and have a coil whine

The one h110 was installed in a thermaltake t31, fans installed on top of the cooler on the inside of the filter/grill, The fans rattled and whined unless pressure was applied on the top and bottom of the fan's frame http://i.imgur.com/aHXoWYJ.png after pinching for an extended amount of time the one noise went away, the other noise was solved by applying pressure to the centre of the fan and taking the sticker off and reseating it [it was poorly applied]

But the other h110 is installed in a switch 810 Fans installed on the bottom of the h110, I haven't been able to resolve the retched noise.

I will record it on next boot, IDK if it's loud enough to pick up but it sounds like on boot the fan is grinding against part of the fans frame, this noise was resolved by applying pressure to the centre of the fan [while off] in the other system

It's really annoying, the other noise that was solved in the t31 by applying pressure to the frame is consistent throughout the entire time the fans are running, it is a high frequency sound...

In the t31 after resolving the issues I couldn't hear the h110 at all but before it was always audible and really annoying, which is the current case with the one in the switch 810, I was wondering if you'd release a replacement fan sometime in the future?

Both H110s were purchased at Memory Express[sE Calgary], order: #328873 & #321802

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