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iCue 4 doesn't detect H110i, iCue 3 reporting 6 fans on 2 fan AIO?


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Seriously, I'm done with Corsair. I've been trying to troubleshoot the issue short of completely reinstalling Windows again. If anyone has any idea how to fix this I'll listen. I've put tens of thousands of dollars worth of Corsair components in PC builds over the years and I'm constantly frustrated by how crap the software is. At this point I'm more likely to use/build/recommend Razer over Corsair.. and frankly that's a fair assessment judging by how many people are constantly having issues with iCue software.

iCue hangs, iCue crashes, iCue freezes PC, works fine, doesn't work, spins fans sporadically, breaks lighting on other Corsair peripherals..

I'm just about done with you Corsair. That's something I never thought would happen.

How does your software even duplicate 4 additional fans causing the 2 to just spin up and down like crazy when idle? Like WTF?! Then iCue 4 doesn't even detect my AIO. I haven't had this much of a headache with peripheral software since early synapse days. Get your crap together Corsair because you can only milk the newcomers for so long. You loyal customers have been leaving in droves to greener pastures. You do know your brand is where it is because of quality products and word of mouth? Well the only words coming out of peoples mouths lately are companies doing it better than you. If this makes me reinstall Windows I'm just going to order a new Lian Li case, cooler, and fans and completely be done with your brand.

iCue sucks, is duplicating a 2 fan AIO into 6 different fans causing sporadic spin up/down while idle.



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Oh cool, I can't even edit my OP for spelling errors. I guess the new forums are working about as well as iCue software >.>

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