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  1. I had this and k63 in my cart when I found this issue... Not sure what to do now. Would installing the previous version of the software right from installing the mouse resolve the issue ? Really want the k63 keyboard and want my mouse to match...
  2. Ya case is mint. Side Panel just getting a little rough from being cleaned n stuff. Shame it's not glass.
  3. I did say they may have gotten better recently. All I'm saying is when the coolers I mentioned were made the CoolIT pumps had tons of issues.
  4. Corsair would never post that information. I've been in these forums a LONG time. Their quality may have gotten better as of late but the fail rate of h100i and other coolers using that pump (water leaks, pump failure, link communication problems, air pockets) was significantly more common then asetek based coolers like h110, h105, h70 etc. You would see posts everyday of issues with that pump vs maybe 1 every couple weeks of the asetek variants.
  5. Asetek coolers have much better history of quality around here tho. By far.
  6. Hi guys, I read on some forums that the only difference between the 760T and 760T V2 is that the handle was updated. My question is does the 760T V2 side panel fit on the original 760t. Judging from pictures I've seen it looks like I have the original 760t (bought it used). I want to order a new side panel as it's getting scratched up but they only have the original in black on the accessories page.
  7. This is a massive thread for a simple bump to vccsa and vccio.
  8. Never use motherboard software. All garbage whether asus or gigabyte.
  9. Yes it would shut off then boot back up instantly with no error reports or anything in windows.
  10. Had this issue a long time ago. Totally random could game for 4 hours then be browsing google and shutdown or could be gaming 5 minutes and shutdown. Was the power supply. Wasn't under warranty anymore so I gave to my buddy and he replaced a capacitor or some other small component and works fine. Not sure exactly as it was years ago. Your best bet is to find a psu to try out. Easiest way to rule is out really.
  11. Looking great man. Love how u added the beauty plate to the inside of the rear panel with only the 120mm fan cutout. Only suggestion I have is make that 3rd ssd Samsung as well, for consistency of course, and custom sleeving on that psu. Not only will it really clean up that inevitable nightmare that must be sitting beside that reservoir but it'll look so friggin good on the other side as well. So nice tho definately jealous. I was kind of like �� with the dark blue at first but looks so good now. You did so much of it the dark blue it flows really well.
  12. his cpu is obv better bin then yours. all cpu are not the same. yours has higher stock voltage so it runs hotter. simple as that. not to mention intel uses thermal paste between core and ihs. so even if cpu were identical voltage and clock wise they may not have the same temps.
  13. At 1.3v your temps are normal. My delidded 4770k at 1.35v with h105 hit around that.
  14. I don't need to have it. Just borrow for a few days ;P. Then we split next year's prizes hahaha.
  15. Little suggestion from me. Take out the cpu block led's. Wire add too much clutter to that area. That's just my opinion.
  16. Mail that **** to me. 5ghz or none lol. I'll get er there. Vrm prob crap out and throttle while stressing before u get there tho.
  17. Read the first page of this thread and almost died. Do people not know who Jonny guru is haha. People kill me.
  18. Doesn't matter if your cpu is good batch or not. Ivy-e cpu run cool as they're low tdp and have solder between cpu and ihs. You just may need a crap ton of voltage. With you cooling it'll be fun to beat the crap out of it.
  19. Yes push is much better than pull. Pull is significantly less effective unless you have an abundance of positive pressure inside the case. Even then still better to push. Push/pull is best of all tho.
  20. I wish my wife wanted any computer. Let alone a pink beast. Would be fun to build. My wife has a solid hatred for my nerd side lol.
  21. Love that cable kit. So nice. What fans are those ? H105 looks really good with that board as well.
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