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h100i + 4930k idle temperature


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Room Temperature: 26 Celsius




Are these temperatures on idle ok?

What do you think about my custom h100i fan curve? these are the stock fans.


I think my cpu is running way hot for idle temperature.

Is there any way i can test if my h100i works properly?



I tried Prime 95.

4930k @ stock speed (3.4ghz)

I didn't keep it 1 hour, only about 15min.

I thought it was way hot for its stock speed. I believe there is something wrong with my cooling solution.



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Try to reseat the H100i pump on your cpu, look if the cooler/pump isn't resting on something of the mobo.Is your cpu fan controller disabled in the bios, the controller should be disabled, pump has to work on full speed. The most important part are the load temps, 68 is a little to high, but it is at the normal site, full workload 6 x 3.6Ghz. Also room temp are 26c, so I would say not to bad. Also some 4930k run cooler as other and some run hotter. It's a lottery.
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