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  1. The best way to remove a panel with plastic tab latches is always to push the latches a little at the same place left and right, they don't need much pressure for a release , I always work from top to bottom, this way you don't put pressure on the top part of the case and don't have pressure marks on the plastic from removing it.
  2. You will have to remove the front cover first, then you can remove the IO panel. The front bezel can be removed to gain access for removing the I/O panel by releasing four plastic tab latches on either side (on the inside behind the bezel).
  3. Where did I wrote that it was for a cpu, cooling a gpu has the same demands as cooling a cpu, the rule is 1x120mm for each component, but these days it's almost 2 x 120 for each component. a H90 will cool it, but it will do it with high fan speed. That is why I said better go for a H100i or H105, these are little more expensive as a H90,but if you don't have the place then a H90i push/pull will do the job if you don't overclock the GPU;): Also generally if you going to watercool a gpu you already did that with the cpu also, most people will go custom when they also going to cool a gpu. But hey everybody do what they want.
  4. 140mm means also a bigger radiator, so the 140 has more heat dispersion as a 120mm. If you don't going to overclock your gpu, then you can cool it with a 140 a 120mm AIO. But if you go overclocking the gpu, then you better of with a H105-H100igtx. With a 2x120 or 2x140 AIO you can keep your fan speed low, so no noise, with a mild overclock, and if you go al the way, then you have enough reserve ( fan speed and 240 or 280 rad) for doing this. Watercooling is keeping your temps down with almost no fan noise, that's why you see builds with 2 x 480 radiators in it. So I would say, if you can afford it and you have the place in your case, go for the H100i-H105-H100igtx or a H110iGt. I know that the hose of the H100igtx and H110igt are longer as the older versions. Here I have a H100i and a H80i, both have almost the same length of the hose, the h100i is a little longer, but not much. I would say that h90 will have a little longer hose then the H75, this because it's a 140mm AIO.
  5. Well Corsair gives you the option to do it, but it's a option, best way is 2 hhd with one empty bay open and place the third one some where else in the case , like on the bottom of the case, there is room enough in front of the psu, you could use the hdd plastic holder of the cage, put the hdd in it and fix the holder with hdd with some velcro on the bottom.
  6. I never install 3 hhd in one cage, I always let one place open between the hdd, because if there isn't a good airflow, they will heat up each other. You could remove the middle hdd and place it some where else, for fixing this one you could use some Velcro. The air 240 isn't a case for putting in the max. hdd that it holds.
  7. damn, good to know , my son is getting his asus maximus VI hero with H80i on monday, have to keep this in mind with build of his rig. Normally asus keep the thickness of the rog pcb, we will see.
  8. It could be that your 4770k heat-spreader from cpu isn't making good contact with your internal cpu chip. This I read on PCGH.de. There were some complaints about this with ivy-bridge cpu and the haswell could have this fault also. So try the stock cooler and look at the temps at idle and load, if you see no difference it could be the cpu. Also in the time of the i7 920 there were some cpu's that had a concave surface on the heat spreader, I had one of those, no Cooler made good contact, after sanding it flat, the problem was gone, lol also the warranty. Also you can look in the bios how much volt the cpu gets, you could set it manually on 1.15v and look if the temps go down. I have a H100i and its dead silent, cools my i7 950 with stock speed at 40 degrees Celsius on idle and on load about 60 degrees Celsius, room temp is 26. De 950 runs hotter then a 4770K, so you should have lower temps. You could also rma your h100i. Best Regards
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