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  1. Hi Got a MSI GTX1080 8G SeaHawk X graphics card which features Corsair AIO solution. It came only with single fan, and no extra screws for push-pull config. Can you please tell me, can I use screws from my old H80i to get it push-pull? Or would I need different set of screws to go with that? Cheers.
  2. Hi If overclocking is going to be done only under water or air, then single cable is sufficient.
  3. Hi Sounds somewhat normal. That might be some kind of a switch, which occurs too in my super flower 850w platinum PSU. If there is no smoke, and cannot smell burnt stuff, then it's OK.
  4. Hi I've seen quite many people complain about RMx series having some coil whine. If it bothers you much, I'd replace it with something else (AX series or simply said, other brand).
  5. All looks fine. I wouldn't bother if PC works.
  6. Hi 1. No solutions really. Newest BIOS version might help. 2. No it is not necessary. You use it if you want to. 3. Any brand above 2666MHz has issues with XMP, with many (most, if not all)motherboards. I have basic Avexir sticks that are 2400MHz and manually they work fine at 2666MHz. 4. Manually adjust the timings and voltages according to the RAM spec. Might work correctly, unlike XMP with same settings. 5. Your board is not EATX :)
  7. Hi It'll work at 2133MHz for sure. Cannot tell if XMP will work, as this is quite problematic on Skylake systems. Usually manual adjustments of timings, but also latest BIOS helps.
  8. Hi I would suggest you ask the customer support, as they might have the ability to tell you more technical stuff (therm pad thickness). Maybe they will be able to even send you one of the ones they use..
  9. Hi ASUS lists that this board can take max 64GB, so it should work fine with 16GB sticks. 4 x DIMM, Max. 64GB, DDR4 https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/Z170-A/specifications/
  10. Hi Sadly I can't answer all of your questions. But: 1. Yes top can fit up to 240mm radiator. 2. I wouldn't bother about the cat. Sometimes you might get fur inbetween fins of the radiator but that can be easily cleaned off. No risk of damage really. 3. Personally I have never heard of any AIO cooler to blow off. If there is a spillage, I believe they use non-conductive liquid to prevent any damage. But not sure if they cover, e.g., your GTX1080 if the broken cooler damages the card. 4. You should ask Corsair itself about this and #3. https://corsair.secure.force.com/home/home.jsp
  11. Hi You should speak with the seller.
  12. Hi I don't think it's normal. It was happening (sometimes) on my somewhat faulty unit that I replaced not far ago. Since replacement, all is fine.
  13. Interesting find! I'll be setting up my backup "server" (basic PC with G3258) and it'll use WD drives. Will see how it goes :)
  14. Hmm it is rather hard thing to answer. I would personally use AF120 as that would spread the airflow. But on the other hand, SP120 would focus in one direction pushing more air through the cage/grill.. Usually AF120 are used as case fans, and SP120 for radiator/cooler fans.
  15. So you assume it is WD HDD issue? I have WD Black and Green... Although it does not occur with my Platinum rated PSU.. And it did with CX750m (bronze rated)
  16. Yes, pretty much. Just like LTT here: [ame] [/ame] Shouldn't this be mentioned in the manual?
  17. Hi I am fairly sure that you just pull the front off. It's on some kind of latches (had Corsair 300R and I had to pull front off, was quite hard to pull off and sounded like breaking it...).
  18. Hi If can't find replacement in Corsair store, then best to ask Corsair support.
  19. Hi Well I suppose that according to the video, you also get the full system. No? Check the case link I sent. It most likely(99% sure about it) will come with basic grey fans (not RGB or LED in any way). Okay yes the link you posted is 3 fans + fan controller. So that should do the job. In fact, that's what you need to be able to change colours. Taking any first unboxing of this case (didn't notice what language that is, doesn't matter) it has grey fans: [ame] [/ame]
  20. Probably the dust filters should not be there at the first place.. If something should be placed there, it would have some way of attaching to the case to prevent such things to occur. What case is it?
  21. Hi Yes, top can fit up to 360mm radiator. Yes, it comes with 3x140mm fans. I do not think they are coloured at all. More likely, simple black/grey scheme. Yes it is possible to change them. The case does not have a fan controller, so either: connect them to motherboard's fan headers buy a fan controller that fits into 5.25" bays Front can only take 2x120/140mm fans. http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/obsidian-series-750d-full-tower-atx-case
  22. Ah Ok. Personally I would put all fans from top and rear as exhausts. Front as intake. That's what I actually have :D: Front 3x120mm fans intake, top 240mm radiator push-pull (exhaust) and read 140mm exhaust.
  23. Hi The case have quite large PSU compartment, so I am sure it'll fit just fine.
  24. Hi It is nothing dangerous. Had this occuring too when I was using my CX750M(been happening since brand new), but it was fine. 3 years later it couldn't really handle GTX1070 and overclocked 6700k (but not sure if related to that whine).
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