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Couple of questions before buying the k70 keyboard


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I've been looking for a couple of weeks now for a mechanical keyboard and I've found the k70.


Looks good, but I still have a couple of questions about it:


- Can I get it with MX Brown (I read that it exists but I just want to make sure)

- Is there a french layout version of it

- I read that there were LED problems with it, is it still worth it?

- Does it reduce the amount of typo errors (important for me because I program a lot)


- Should I wait if there is a k70 RGB MX Brown?

- I've been looking at WASD keyboards too, what do you think?


--> Worth it?


And if you could give me your personal feel of this keyboard would be great :biggrin:.


Thanks, 3751_Creator



PS: I might add more questions if I think of more.

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- Yes, but i think it's only available in the US layout

- Yes, but i'm pretty sure its going to be Cherry MX Red though.

- L.E.D. problem i think are due to static discharge, I would wait for the RGB keyboard, i think the L.E.D. is mounted in the switch (something similar to that)


I'd suggest you wait for the K70 RGB MX keyboard.

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