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A suggestion to Corsair


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Hello awesome Corsair people (both fans and staff),


In the odd chance someone from Corsair is reading this, I'd like to suggest n external hardware monitoring component that allows to control the corsair link commander remotely.


I was thinking something of the likes of Asus OC Panel (http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/OC_Panel/).


In fact, in an ideal super-consumer-friendly world I'd like Corsair and Asus to work together and integrate it all in the one panel, so when I over-clock I can set profiles automatically and switch it on the fly and all that magical stuff. However I do understand corporate mandates/pressures so I'd settle for a Corsair implementation of something similar to OC Panel.


Fellow Corsair fans, please bump this thread if you like the idea, perhaps if we make enough noise we can get it to market?


Stay classy Corsair

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