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Icue Suggestions that must be applied


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-Let us to stop macro by pressing the same button that starts it

-Let us set one button which start the macro and second button that stops the macro (can be the same button)

-Let us change profiles in software

-Let us make normal gradient (Show us a rectangle similar to the keyboard and let us make some color points, ex left down corner blue right up corner pink this will look like you have beautiful gradient with two colors mixed in the middle of keyboard)

-Let us make the same gradient but with animation (You will be able to record movement of single color point separately that will make chill color movement)

-Add a box that can be checked to make macro repeat endless (ex press Ctrl delay 250ms) repeat endless to crouch and stand up, crouch and stand up infinitely

-Let us use more than one macro at once, that will be sooo much easier for specific macro actions


Don't thank me for making Icue more usefull for gamers, just apply those things, maby I will add some more points. I want everyone who want those features to like or something. Also I'm sorry for any mistakes couse my English is not perfect.

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