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Exchanged h110, still having fan rattle problems

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Hey guys, I submitted a support ticket on the 16th for a fan rattle issue with a brand new h110 kit purchased on the 15th. Seeing as I did not get a response, I exchanged the entire kit at my local Frys where I purchased it from. After installing the second kit, I am still getting the fan rattle issues. At this point I do not want to keep disassembling and reassembling the kit because of faulty fans. The cooler is doing it's job beautifully, but the noise is driving me crazy. I just checked my ticket status and it is still showing as New... Wanted to edit the note explaining that I have already exchanged the kit once.


Radiator is mounted on the top of my Carbide Air 540. Have tried the fans as push/exhaust, pull/exhaust, push/intake, and pull/intake. The setup with the least amount of rattle is the current one which is push/exhaust.


Ticket number : 6468533

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