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  • Want to jump into streaming with no compromises in quality? Stay a while and read up as we take a look at our latest VENGEANCE i7300 Gaming PC and the Vengeance Streamer Starter Bundle that gives you a great start for a top-tier streaming setup. Step Up Your Stream The VENGEANCE i7300 sits at the center of our streamer setup, powered by award-winning CORSAIR components with a 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 30 Series graphics card paired together to give you plenty of headroom to play the latest titles at amazing quality while also providing plenty of muscle for encoding your stream from locally played games or with footage piped in from another PC or game console thanks to its pre-installed Elgato 4K60 Pro Capture Card. The Vengeance Streamer Starter Bundle is free of charge for a limited time  with the purchase of a VENGEANCE i7300 for customers in North America and helps you pair high-quality game visuals powered by the system with excellent audio quality delivered by an HS80 RGB Wireless, a clear view for your audiences provided by the Elgato Facecam, and full control of your streaming software with the Elgato Stream Deck Mini. Hear and Be Heard The CORSAIR HS80 RGB WIRELESS Gaming Headset  provides flexible connectivity over USB-C or hyper-fast SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS to deliver incredibly detailed sound through custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers as well as capture crystal clear audio from its high-bandwidth omnidirectional microphone. When paired with a system using a GeForce RTX™ graphics card like the VENGEANCE i7300, the HS80 RGB wireless can take advantage of NVIDIA Broadcast technologies that are now a part of CORSAIR iCUE which provide powerful noise and echo removal effects. Make the Best Impression The Elgato Facecam can also take advantage of NVIDIA Broadcast technologies when paired with a capable system, like the VENGEANCE i7300, to provide powerful streaming futures such as background blur, replacement, or removal. These powerful features combined with the smart auto or fully manual picture settings provided by Elgato’s Camera Hub software allow you to fine tune how you appear to your audience to make the best impression. Take Control The Elgato Stream Deck Mini  features 6 fully customizable LCD keys poised to trigger unlimited actions. The Elgato Stream Deck software features tight integration with popular streaming software, like OBS, so you can change scenes and apply effects on-the-fly. You can also install a variety of plugins that can tie into the CORSAIR iCUE Software for controlling your system lighting, manage your smart home ambient lighting, control your Elgato Key Lights , and more.  Closing Thoughts It’s easier than ever to get started streaming and CORSAIR and Elgato have everything you could need from full systems, components, or other hardware to put together high quality productions for your audience. Happy Streaming!

  • With all the recent platform launches from AMD and Intel along with new graphics cards already starting to hit the shelves, you might be looking at upgrading your power supply. The CORSAIR HXi fully modular power supplies are ultra-low noise and feature three EPS12V connectors with 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency. They are also compatible with CORSAIR's iCUE software which allows the user full control for setting custom fan curves, monitoring, and adjustable power settings. Let's discuss some of the key benefits of these new power supplies. First off, these are fully modular PSUs which allows the user to only connect the cables needed in the system, no unused cables and clutter to help better cable management. The triple EPS12V connectors along with high quality Japanese capacitors give full compatibility with modern motherboards while ensuring long-term reliability. Being 80 PLUS Platinum certified, you'll get up to 92% efficiency for exceptional low power consumption, less noise, and cooler temperatures. Zero RPM Fan Mode allows the power supply to switch off the 140mm cooling fan completely during low and medium loads for near-silent operation. When the fan does start spinning, the fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) delivers extremely quiet and long-lasting fan performance. Finally, with it being iCUE compatible, you can set custom fan curves, monitor, adjust power settings, and even switch between single-rail and multi-rail overcurrent production (OCP) all on the dashboard. For a tutorial on the installation and setup of the CORSAIR HXi series power supplies, check out this video here.  

  • The NVIDIA Audio Effects SDK comes to CORSAIR iCUE, providing powerful noise and echo removal tools for the microphone on your iCUE-compatible CORSAIR Gaming Headset! What You Need: A PC running Windows equipped with the latest version of CORSAIR iCUE, an NVIDIA RTX graphics card with the latest drivers, an iCUE-compatible audio device, and an internet connection to download the NVIDIA Broadcast technologies plugin. Setup: To enable NVIDIA Broadcast in CORSAIR iCUE, navigate to your headset and you'll find a new tab for "NVIDIA Broadcast technologies." click on it and follow the prompts to install. Once installed, the NVIDIA Broadcast technologies panel will allow you to toggle the feature on and off, adjust mic volume, and the intensity of the noise removal and echo removal setting. There's also a convenient "Test Mic" section that allows you to record a brief sample of your current settings and play it back over your headset so you can quickly adjust the effects to your preference. Should you need to completely remove the plugin, go to the iCUE Settings panel and click on "Integrations," click "Uninstall" to initiate the wizard to remove the plugin completely or "repair" if you wish to re-do the installation as a troubleshooting measure. What headsets are compatible? All CORSAIR audio devices that utilize the CORSAIR Audio Driver and are supported by the current version of CORSAIR iCUE are compatible with the NVIDIA Broadcast integration, this includes our current lineup of wireless headsets, USB headsets, surround headsets (when connected via their USB adapter), and iCUE-enabled headset stands like the ST100 RGB (for devices connected to the 3.5mm jack in the base of the stand). I already have NVIDIA Broadcast installed, will enabling NVIDIA Audio Effects SDK result in a conflict? NVIDIA Broadcast integration with CORSAIR iCUE applies noise and echo removal through the CORSAIR Audio Driver to the microphone input of compatible CORSAIR audio devices. The standalone NVIDIA Broadcast application uses a virtual device driver to apply effects to other devices that may be connected to your system. Using both at the same time is not recommended since it won't improve effect quality, but will use additional system resources. If you have a need to use both - for example, the camera effects from the Broadcast app and iCUE for audio - we recommend turning off the competing effects in each app. Closing Thoughts NVIDIA Broadcast integration brings advanced, AI-powered audio controls to compatible systems using CORSAIR iCUE, making it easier than ever for friends, teammates, and co-workers to hear you clearer than ever. To join the discussion, check out our communities over at the CORSAIR User Forums, Reddit, and Discord!

  • CORSAIR TC200 Series Gaming Chairs feature a comfortable and stylish racing-inspired design with a tubular steel frame and long-lasting support. The exterior upholstery comes in soft fabric or leatherette and also in color options of black/grey or white/grey. Note that the white/grey version has white on the edges and contours of the chair with grey as the primary color of the seat. The black/grey version has grey on the edges with black as the primary color of the seat. The structural design of the TC200 is built to help maintain a healthy posture for long gaming sessions or just general use with lumbar support and a detachable memory foam neck pillow. The armrests are highly adjustable in four dimensions which can be moved up or down, left or right, forward or backwards, and angled inwards or outwards to accommodate many user preferences. Adjusting the seat gives a 120mm movement range which is supported by a durable steel-construction class 4 gas lift. Additionally, you can sit back and relax with a 90-180 degree reclining seat back. The sturdy, powder-coated steel wheel base offers increased durability and a clean, modern aesthetic along with premium 75mm dual wheel casters with pinstripe accents to allow easy gliding on most surfaces. If you'd like to see a how-to guide on assembling and adjusting the TC200 gaming chair, please check out this video.  

  • Today kicks off a busy week of exciting developments and announcements across the hardware industry and we’re excited to reveal what we’ve been working on! These are the voyages… It’s been over 5 years since we launched our first complete gaming PC, the CORSAIR ONE, and we’ve since added the VENGEANCE GAMING PC to our stable of systems. Today, we’re taking the wraps off of the newest addition to the CORSAIR systems family, the VOYAGER GAMING LAPTOP! Taking what we’ve learned with CORSAIR ONE and VENGEANCE GAMING PC, VOYAGER takes the show on the road with the latest in AMD mobile processors and graphics, a brilliant 16” QHD+ (2560x1600) 240Hz IPS display, lightning fast Wi-Fi 6E with DBS (Dual Band Simultaneous) for high bandwidth when transferring large files or streaming and much lower latency when gaming, immersive Dolby Atmos audio, and exclusive technologies from CORSAIR and Elgato to produce the ultimate gaming and streaming solution.   VOYAGER is kitted out with a low-profile mechanical per-key backlit RGB keyboard, customizable macro bar with integrated display, and full CORSAIR iCUE integration for mapping keys, slinging macros, tweaking lighting, and managing VOYAGER’s vapor-chamber cooling system. Gaming notebooks aren't complete without some serious peripherals, and with the variety of connectivity options available to VOYAGER, you can connect your CORSAIR peripherals wirelessly with the integrated SLIPSTREAM receiver for no-compromise wireless performance, Bluetooth for some serious battery savings, or simply connect a wire using any of the available USB ports (or the 3.5mm connection for your wired headset of choice).   If you want to be first in line for VOYAGER’s maiden voyage, make sure to sign up for launch news and updates! For those that DIY… For those of you that like to dig in and build your own systems, our friends at AMD have revealed that their new AM5 platform is on the horizon. If you like to plan out your builds, we’re happy to share that we’ve got solutions that are ready to go for what’s next with AMD Ryzen.  We’ve been with DDR5 from the beginning and have been hard at work crafting optimized kits to pair nicely with the new processors and chipsets from AMD when they launch, so you can expect some finely tuned DOMINATOR and VENGEANCE kits to be ready for your next AMD build.   Questions about cooler compatibility always come in fast once a new platform is revealed and we’re happy to say that our current lineup of CPU liquid coolers, including the new ELITE Series sporting our all-new AF Elite PWM Fluid-Dynamic Bearing fans, are compatible with the new AM5 socket. If you like to live on the bleeding edge (and if you’ve gotten this far, you likely do), PCIe Gen 5 will be turning out in a big way with the new AM5 platform and we’re readying solutions for those that need all the bandwidth they can muster from their storage devices. Closing Thoughts It's been a long road leading up to VOYAGER and we're excited to support our partners at AMD as they bring in the next generation of Ryzen! There’s a lot to discuss and we encourage you to join us over at the CORSAIR Community Discord, Reddit, and here on the CORSAIR Community Forum to talk shop and the latest in hardware.

  • Planning to build a gaming PC but don’t know where to start? Picking components can be tricky, but with the CORSAIR PC Builder, you’ll get step-by-step guidance for picking out all the components you need for your next build. Here’s a quick video to show off the PC Builder’s guided experience: The CORSAIR PC Builder takes the guesswork out of picking compatible components for a PC build. Start by selecting your Graphics Card and CPU, then choose from compatible Motherboards, Cases, Cooling, and other hardware that are guaranteed to work together to create your next PC masterpiece. While the CORSAIR PC Builder is focused primarily on CORSAIR products, our database includes a growing number of third-party components to help you fill out the rest of your gaming PC build, even if you decide to go with a case from a different brand! Finally, once you’ve picked out your components, you can either check out through our webstore or save your configuration for later. And it’s as easy as that! Once your hardware is on the way, check out our of tutorial videos over at the CORSAIR LAB so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and get your new gaming PC put together in record time!

  • In the world of DIY gaming PCs, every component is hand-picked for performance, reliability, and looks. While most think of an upgrade as a new graphics card, processor, or even more RAM, some substantial steps towards better performance can be had with a fresh pc case, improved cooling, or a new PSU. Maximize Your Airflow with a New PC Case A computer cases is one of the few components that are commonly re-used when it’s time to upgrade or re-build your gaming PC. Our 5000 Series mid-tower computer cases take the entire build experience into consideration with build-friendly features such as RapidRoute cable management, ample cable management space, a modern IO layout, and compatibility with a wide variety of different cooling systems and configurations whether you plan to use an air cooler, a liquid cpu cooler, or go all out with a custom cooling system. The CORSAIR 5000 Series mid-tower PC case lineup offers a wide range of options for different builders.The new iCUE 5000T RGB takes these core features in a bold direction with unique styling, highly customizable integrated RGB lighting, and intelligent fan/lighting control built-in thanks to its included COMMANDER CORE XT. The iCUE 5000T RGB is the whole package and is ready to go with 3x LL120mm RGB fans to give you a jump start on your next system upgrade. Cool Under Pressure Upgrading your CPU cooler may be all your system needs to unlock more performance. And if you’re looking to squeeze every megahertz of performance from your processor, our ELITE LCD Series all-in-one liquid CPU coolers are up to the task. The CORSAIR iCUE ELITE LCD Series of CPU coolers offer extreme cooling with a personal digital dashboard.Available with radiator sizes ranging from 240mm to 420mm including our high-performing ML RGB ELITE Series fans, an ELITE LCD cooler may be just what the doctor ordered, giving you the performance you crave in a highly attractive package with brilliant RGB lighting and a highly customizable IPS display so that your favorite memes don’t have to stay dreams. Most modern computer cases allow for AIO liquid CPU coolers like the ELITE LCD to be mounted to the front of the case with the cooling fans set as an intake to directly pull in fresh, cooler air from outside the case. However, if you’re using a high-end graphics card that dumps a lot of heat into your computer case, you can also mount the radiator for your AIO liquid CPU cooler at the top of your case with the fans set to exhaust out the top. This configuration serves as a good balance for managing both CPU and GPU temps, with the GPU (a component that can produce a lot of heat while gaming) receiving air unobstructed from your case’s front intake. Installing and setting up a CORSAIR ELITE LCD CPU liquid cooler is a quick and easy way to unlock the performance of your processor while giving you a highly customizable display and brilliant RGB lighting.ELITE LCD Series coolers are compatible with modern Intel and AMD sockets and backed by a 5-year warranty so you can rest assured that your cooler will keep your hardware in check until your next big move. Quiet Powerhouse A PC power supply or PSU is often overlooked when it comes to first-time builds or upgrades, but a good power supply will last you for multiple builds, so why not aim for one that’ll give you fantastic performance now and in the future? Most mid-to-high end gaming PC builds tend to sit at around 750-850W when it comes to the capabilities of their PSU. This doesn’t mean that the system will pull that much wattage from the wall. In fact, you’ll likely see a PSU using roughly 80% of their rated wattage which is a sweet spot for performance in terms of efficiency. This goldilocks zone is where you want your build to be at, and yes if you do go over that 80% mark to use all the juice your PSU can muster, it’ll be fine (just less efficient). If you tend to pick components with similar power draw, that one PSU will last you for multiple upgrades and rebuilds backed by a warranty of up to 10 years with a top-of-the-line model. But what if you think you might kick things up a notch next time you do an upgrade? Most CORSAIR power supplies are fully modular, making them easy to install and reduce cable bulk by only using the cables you need for your build.Flagship hardware is becoming more power hungry. The latest enthusiast processors and graphics cards are already pushing 240W and 350W respectively, putting a high end build at near the 80% mark for just those components if using a 750W PSU. If you plan to load up on fans, lighting, and storage drives, you’ll be best served by picking up at least an 850W power supply or maybe 1000W for peace of mind so your PSU can run cooler, quieter, and provide better efficiency for those times when your system is running at 100%. Closing Thoughts Now is a great time to upgrade your PC and unlock the performance built in! CORSAIR components make building easier than ever and are backed by top notch customer service and industry-leading warranties. If you’re planning to upgrade your gaming PC or plan to build an entirely new rig, join our communities over at the CORSAIR User Forums, CORSAIR Community Discord, or the CORSAIR subreddit!

  • It’s the season for upgrades, with new hardware and the latest technologies, you might be considering upgrading your system. Today we’ll take a quick look at some key upgrades you can make. Plan Your Next Power Move So you’re going to be swapping some core components for your build, but what’s out there? Let’s get the TL;DR on some key component upgrades. Memory Matters System memory is used to keep your processor fed with information, be it something as simple as a document or webpage you’re viewing or the mountain of layers or video assets you’re chewing through in Photoshop or Premiere. Having enough memory available for the task at hand is important, otherwise your system will fall back on slower storage (usually in the form of a pagefile on your primary boot drive) which will result in severely reduced performance. Memory speed is also a factor, generally the faster your system memory is, the more responsive your system will be which helps considerably in CPU-intensive games and any other task that puts your CPU to heavy use. If you’re just gaming, 16GB is the current sweet spot for performance with enough capacity to handle the growing demands of games as virtual environments have become larger and more detailed. In terms of raw speed, DDR4-3600 is recommended for AMD platforms and provides a good balance in terms of overall cost vs. performance in CPU-intensive games and programs. If you’re upgrading an Intel system, memory speed isn’t as crucial, so memory kits rated for DDR4-3000 and DDR4-3200 are popular options for most gaming builds. For content creation, capacity plays a substantial role in performance (while overall speed doesn’t matter as much). A 32GB kit would be the minimum if you’re juggling a lot of high-resolution assets for your streams or working on highly complex video projects. As we mentioned earlier the more memory you have available, the less often your system will need to dip into its pagefile, resulting in more consistent performance as you work through large media projects. If you’re going all in on the new Intel® 12th Gen Core Series, you’ll be looking at the bleeding edge of technology and need all-new DDR5 memory. The strategy is the same, but the numbers are cranked up to a whole new level (and it wouldn’t hurt to future-proof your build bit while you’re at it). For a DDR5 gaming rig, try shooting for a 32GB kit of DDR5-4800, this should be plenty fast and give you quite the buffer for games for the foreseeable future. When it comes to content creation, more RAM is always better, so shoot for a 64GB kit (it’s alright to drop the speed a bit). For DDR5, you’ve got the choice of our sleek and stealthy VENGEANCE DDR5 kits. And if you want to make a splash and have better cooling performance, our DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB Series and CORSAIR-exclusive DHX cooling technology make a return. Pick Up the Pace SSDs have been getting faster and larger each year, if your current platform (or the one you’re upgrading to) supports PCIe Gen4, you’ll be able to take full advantage of a PCIe Gen 4-capable SSD like the MP600 PRO XT. A fast SSD means faster loading times in games or when opening a large video and/or photo project. The MP600 PRO XT is available in sizes up to 4TB and can hit transfer speeds of up to 7.1 GB/s! And if you’re looking for a healthy mix of speed AND capacity, our MP600 CORE is available with capacities of up to 8TB! Keeping the Lights On If you’ve gotten this far, you’re definitely in the mood to upgrade, but don’t overlook your power supply. If you’re looking for higher efficiency, modular cables, or need more breathing room for beefier components, we’ve got you! If you’re doing a no-frills build with an entry-level graphics card (or even just integrated graphics), a 650W – 750W modular or semi modular power supply would go a long way, giving you some wiggle room for future upgrades. Serious gaming requires serious power. With higher-end graphics cards recommending at least an 850W PSU, if you want to future-proof a bit, consider going for at least 1000W. And if you go for a model with modular cables, you can swap them out for different colors to match your build. Cooler and Quieter If your system’s cooler is having trouble keeping up with the heat put out by your processor or if it’s running louder than you like, it may be time to upgrade to a new cooling solution. Our new ELITE LCD Series is available with radiator sizes of 240mm, 360mm, and 420mm and provides plenty of cooling performance for high end processors to keep throttling at bay. Not to mention, the vibrant LCD screen on these coolers lets you further customize your build (or provide at a glance cooling info in real-time). Speaking of cooler upgrades, if you’ve got an ELITE CAPELLIX Series cooler, you can pick up the ELITE LCD Upgrade Kit to give you the same spectacular screen found on our ELITE LCD Series. And if you’re upgrading to a new Z690 motherboard and Intel® 12th Gen Core Series processor, make sure to pick up this LGA 1700 Retrofit Kit which includes the required standoffs for Intel®’s new CPU socket (ELITE LCD Coolers include this already in the box). If you’re looking for a fan upgrade, consider our ML PRO Series PWM fans which run quietly while offering high performance thanks to their magnetic levitation bearing. And with our new ML RGB ELITE fans, you get the added benefit of AirGuide technology which helps direct airflow precisely where you need it. And if you want some more style with your cooling, our QL Series and LL Series are popular choices for those wanting to make a statement with their cooling, incorporating a dazzling array of RGB LEDs into the fan frame. A new case could also be the solution for better cooling performance. While many of our cases take airflow into consideration, we’ve developed airflow-focused models that help you bring cool, fresh air into your system to keep your components running as cool as possible. Our 4000, 5000, and 7000 Series AIRFLOW cases, provide plenty of options outfit your system with a much-needed cooling upgrade whether it be fans and/or liquid cooling! Speaking of liquid cooling, if you want to take your build to the next level, our HYDRO X Series custom liquid cooling components are ready to help you tame your temperatures with the ability to incorporate multiple radiators into your loop and allow you to turn your fans down for whisper quiet operation. Check out our cooling configurator to explore the wide variety of components compatible with your current hardware or your next upgrade. High Performance, Out of the Box If a complete system upgrade is what you’re looking for, our VENGEANCE GAMING PC and CORSAIR ONE systems may be more your speed. VENGEANCE GAMING PCs are built with the same off-the-shelf parts we all love, offering high performance, reliability, and more importantly allowing the system to be upgraded easily as new hardware comes out in the future. If you want compact power, the CORSAIR ONE takes the same formula of high-performance, off-the-shelf components and packs it into phenomenally small 12 liter package, allowing for quick and easy setup and whisper quiet performance. Choose Your Upgrade Path Upgrading your PC is easier than ever, whether you’re simply upgrading a few parts to speed up your current system or building an entirely new PC from the ground up! CORSAIR has everything you need to get the most out of your hardware. Building a new rig? Join the conversation over on the CORSAIR User Forums, Community Discord, or Reddit!

  • Our lineup of liquid CPU coolers gets a drastic upgrade with our new ELITE LCD Series. Based on our ELITE CAPELLIX liquid CPU coolers, the ELITE LCD coolers feature all-new 120mm/140mm ML RGB ELITE fans and a vibrant 2.1” IPS display on the pump top surrounded by an array of bright RGB LEDs. ELITE LCD Coolers ELITE LCD coolers come in H100i / H150i / and H170i variants with radiator sizes ranging from 240mm to 420mm. With the new coolers comes a new AM4 mounting solution that utilizes your AM4 motherboard’s backplate to securely fasten the pump head to the AM4 socket. We also include new standoffs that are compatible with Intel’s new LGA 1700 socket for upcoming motherboards and processors (installation is similar to previous Intel sockets, utilizing the pre-installed Intel mounting bracket and a provided Intel backplate). Installation follows the same general steps as our previous coolers, with the addition of a USB Y-Splitter cable so that you can connect the ELITE LCD module and the included COMMANDER CORE fan/lighting controller to a single USB 2.0 header on your motherboard. Upgrades for ELITE CAPELLIX Coolers If this all looks great to you, but you want to keep your current ELITE CAPELLIX cooler, you can upgrade your cooler with the new ELITE LCD Upgrade Kit. Installation is quick and easy, however we strongly recommend that you update to the latest version of iCUE (version 4.16 or newer) and install the latest firmware for your cooler for the smoothest experience. Also, if you want to further upgrade your ELITE CAPELLIX cooler, you can find the LGA 1700 retrofit kit here that includes just the standoffs needed for LGA 1700 sockets and if you need an entirely new set of mounting hardware (including the new AM4 mounting bracket as well as a set of LGA 1700 standoffs) you can find that here. If you’re looking for a fresh set of fans, our ML RGB ELITE fans bring a fresh look with cool and quiet performance with AirGuide Technology to help focus airflow out the back of the frame and our fan-favorite magnetic levitation bearing that reduces noise and lasts longer than traditional bearing fans. If you’re upgrading a cooler that can control CORSAIR RGB fans already, we suggest picking up single pack fans here. Closing Thoughts All-in-one CPU liquid coolers are a great way to not just get high-performance cooling for your system, but also make a statement with brilliant RGB lighting that’s taken to the next level with a vibrant IPS display! Our ELITE Series coolers combine powerful fan and lighting control into a single package and are easy to upgrade and expand on with the ability to address and control up to six CORSAIR RGB PWM fans! If you’re upgrading your system with a CORSAIR liquid CPU cooler, join the conversation over on the CORSAIR User Forums, Community Discord, or Reddit!

  • The CORSAIR XENEON 32QHD165 brings your games and media to life on a vibrant, ultra-slim 32-inch QHD (2560 x1440) display with IPS LED technology. A 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time reduce motion blur and ensure you see every frame your PC outputs, while AMD FreeSync™ Premium ensures smooth, tear-free visuals. Aside from its vibrant display, the CORSAIR XENEON 32QHD165 is equipped with full iCUE Software support with iCUE NEXUS and Elgato Stream Deck integration, allowing you to change Picture Modes, turn on Eye Saver, and more without having to navigate the more traditional OSD built into the monitor. Full VESA 100mm x 100mm mount compatibility is here, giving you options to mount to a wall, arm or multi-monitor stand! A built-in mounting point is included in the stand, allowing you to use rigging systems like Elgato’s Multi Mount with our XENEON Camera Mount Adapter and Elgato Flex Arm L / S (both the XENEON Camera Mount Adapter and Elgato Flex Arm L / S are sold separately). The robustness of the stand allows for the XENEON 32QHD165 to be fitted with a variety of accessories from DSLR cameras to lights for your stream! More details about the monitor can be found in our Quick Start Guide: (QSG – English) We’ve also put together a series of tutorial videos to help you get started (or just learn more) about the different key features of the monitor: We’re excited to introduce our first entry in the gaming monitor space with the CORSAIR XENEON 32QHD165! To join the conversation, check out our communities over at the CORSAIR User Forum, Reddit, and Discord!

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