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In the world of DIY gaming PCs, every component is hand-picked for performance, reliability, and looks. While most think of an upgrade as a new graphics card, processor, or even more RAM, some substantial steps towards better performance can be had with a fresh pc case, improved cooling, or a new PSU.


Maximize Your Airflow with a New PC Case

A computer cases is one of the few components that are commonly re-used when it’s time to upgrade or re-build your gaming PC. Our 5000 Series mid-tower computer cases take the entire build experience into consideration with build-friendly features such as RapidRoute cable management, ample cable management space, a modern IO layout, and compatibility with a wide variety of different cooling systems and configurations whether you plan to use an air cooler, a liquid cpu cooler, or go all out with a custom cooling system.

The CORSAIR 5000 Series mid-tower PC case lineup offers a wide range of options for different builders.

The new iCUE 5000T RGB takes these core features in a bold direction with unique styling, highly customizable integrated RGB lighting, and intelligent fan/lighting control built-in thanks to its included COMMANDER CORE XT.


The iCUE 5000T RGB is the whole package and is ready to go with 3x LL120mm RGB fans to give you a jump start on your next system upgrade.

Cool Under Pressure

Upgrading your CPU cooler may be all your system needs to unlock more performance. And if you’re looking to squeeze every megahertz of performance from your processor, our ELITE LCD Series all-in-one liquid CPU coolers are up to the task.

The CORSAIR iCUE ELITE LCD Series of CPU coolers offer extreme cooling with a personal digital dashboard.

Available with radiator sizes ranging from 240mm to 420mm including our high-performing ML RGB ELITE Series fans, an ELITE LCD cooler may be just what the doctor ordered, giving you the performance you crave in a highly attractive package with brilliant RGB lighting and a highly customizable IPS display so that your favorite memes don’t have to stay dreams.


Most modern computer cases allow for AIO liquid CPU coolers like the ELITE LCD to be mounted to the front of the case with the cooling fans set as an intake to directly pull in fresh, cooler air from outside the case.


However, if you’re using a high-end graphics card that dumps a lot of heat into your computer case, you can also mount the radiator for your AIO liquid CPU cooler at the top of your case with the fans set to exhaust out the top. This configuration serves as a good balance for managing both CPU and GPU temps, with the GPU (a component that can produce a lot of heat while gaming) receiving air unobstructed from your case’s front intake.

Installing and setting up a CORSAIR ELITE LCD CPU liquid cooler is a quick and easy way to unlock the performance of your processor while giving you a highly customizable display and brilliant RGB lighting.

ELITE LCD Series coolers are compatible with modern Intel and AMD sockets and backed by a 5-year warranty so you can rest assured that your cooler will keep your hardware in check until your next big move.

Quiet Powerhouse

A PC power supply or PSU is often overlooked when it comes to first-time builds or upgrades, but a good power supply will last you for multiple builds, so why not aim for one that’ll give you fantastic performance now and in the future?


Most mid-to-high end gaming PC builds tend to sit at around 750-850W when it comes to the capabilities of their PSU. This doesn’t mean that the system will pull that much wattage from the wall. In fact, you’ll likely see a PSU using roughly 80% of their rated wattage which is a sweet spot for performance in terms of efficiency. This goldilocks zone is where you want your build to be at, and yes if you do go over that 80% mark to use all the juice your PSU can muster, it’ll be fine (just less efficient).

If you tend to pick components with similar power draw, that one PSU will last you for multiple upgrades and rebuilds backed by a warranty of up to 10 years with a top-of-the-line model. But what if you think you might kick things up a notch next time you do an upgrade?

Most CORSAIR power supplies are fully modular, making them easy to install and reduce cable bulk by only using the cables you need for your build.

Flagship hardware is becoming more power hungry. The latest enthusiast processors and graphics cards are already pushing 240W and 350W respectively, putting a high end build at near the 80% mark for just those components if using a 750W PSU. If you plan to load up on fans, lighting, and storage drives, you’ll be best served by picking up at least an 850W power supply or maybe 1000W for peace of mind so your PSU can run cooler, quieter, and provide better efficiency for those times when your system is running at 100%.

Closing Thoughts

Now is a great time to upgrade your PC and unlock the performance built in! CORSAIR components make building easier than ever and are backed by top notch customer service and industry-leading warranties.


If you’re planning to upgrade your gaming PC or plan to build an entirely new rig, join our communities over at the CORSAIR User Forums, CORSAIR Community Discord, or the CORSAIR subreddit!


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