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Old 09-02-2017, 08:11 AM
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Sigh.. Some LEDs are stuck on red colors.

Hello All,

This is my first post here,and I think its unfortunate that my first post is about an annoying problem.

Bought this K95 RGB platinum about 2 months ago. The latest available version of Cue 2 then,was 2.15.83. Installed that ,the keyboard ran fine until a week ago i noticed some LEDs on keys are not lighting up properly.

specifically, caps lock,left shift, z , x , c on the left ; and on the right; right alt,win key,right ctrl,right shift,backspace,assignment (=/+ key), delete,end,page down. they all had slightly pinkish/red color stuck on them no matter what profile/color i used.

Steps i have taken until today to corrct it (note : each change is followed by a restart as well):

1. try all available usb ports for keyboard one by one, 3.0/2.0, usb pass-through connected/disconnected. bios set to default options,usb over charge turned off.

2.delete all profiles from cue 2

3.uninstall/reinstall Cue 2.15.83

4.searched the forums, found about %appdata%, deleted all things from corsair folder there too.

4. checked for update on the website itself. (inside cue,it doesn't work, having me fooled for a week.),found cue ver. 2.16.87. repeated steps 1-4 numerous joy.

5.searched some more,found about 'hold esc while connecting.' to restore default profiles.That did resolve the problems with left side keys [caps lock,left shift, z , x , c and right alt to some extent. all left keys lighting up normal now,except right alt in some specific situations,explained next.],but rights remained wrong.

a couple restarts later, right win key started to have serious troubles showing blue color, flickering of the right side faulty keys do show other colors but if I set anything resembling static bluish to all keys in cue 2 advance, their red/pinkish bias is pronounced. While right win key refuse to light up at all in blue. if I select deep blue for only right win key, 'then' right alt instead,lights up in blue,very slightly, almost an amber.further, if i select any color for any of the troubled group on right,other problematic keys lit up in very light red,also flicker slowly.

More research later, i found about something related to firmware update. hard reset if you will. i couldn't found any firmware file on the latest. but i did find a 32.6 kb zip file titled on a linux app git page. I think its the same one i need, if the discussion that followed there was any indication and what anandtech said about EEPROM size used in it. but i am holding onto that.worried it might brick my keyboard for good.

but my patience is really starting to strain.

even then, i want to try all DIY options first. I'd really rather not send it for lengthy RMA procedures. because I love the keyboard. i use it mainly for typing and macros there are a godsend really. in older games like counter strike,it really helps too. so please can anyone help me out here? tell me what am i missing here? or what i should try next?

Thank You for the long read and any help is deeply appreciated.

EDIT: apologize for posting same things in two sections. thought i was in Keyboard/mice but accidentally posted it in cue too.

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firmware, k95 rgb platinum, lighting troubleshooting

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