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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I have updated my ticket.
  2. Thanks for the reply Technobeard (if that is your real name :sunglasse) Can i reply to the ticket or will they not be seen? If not how can i contact you guys about this RMA ? Also I see you have taken the we are busy message down from the forum, Does this mean things are back to normal time wise now or are there still big delays ?
  3. Well I finally got a reply to an email unfortunately the reply was no help at all. I hope it's not going to take Corsair two weeks to reply again now :-( Still no reply to my ticket. I'm very disappointed with Corsair
  4. OK this is getting ridiculous, this has to be the worst customer support I have ever seen. What has happened to Corsair, they used to make great products and have great customer service. Now there product seem to be low quality and there is no customer service at all?
  5. I'm in the UK so it would not be toll free for me. And it's my headset that needs an RMA so Skype is out.
  6. Hi yes i saw that, but they are not responding to my ticket either.
  7. HELLO Anyone there ???? I have always bought Corsair because of there great customer support. I guess I won't be buying Corsair anymore.
  8. I have a ticket for an RMA (6367080) But no one is answering it, I have also emailed support and have had no reply to that either? It's been over a week now whats going on ?
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