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  1. Hey, I have the same board but have G.Skill ram (1600/2133OC / 16gb) The easiest way is to set the frequency, link the ram and set the voltage. I used 1.65v to achieve 2400 but 3 years of that and I had to drop it to 2133/1.62v due to the RAM not being able to handle it anymore The mobo is smart enough to set all the timings to a workable rate and go and tweak it from there. You might be lucky like I was and get it to hit 2400mhz but in reality you won't see any gains from 2133-2400 Also trying to match your timings with someone elses does not always work due to the nature of the nand business. You can have 2 different packages of the same ram with nand from 2 different companies or even the same company but different batches. Also, you may of just been unlucky and get a set that can't handle anything over say 1866mhz for example Hope this helps
  2. Sounds like they put some flux capacitors into your PSU I have an AX860i and and it can take a couple min for for the power and reset buttons to turn off. This is pretty normal. You only have the 1 card? if so that makes sense, you have an extra 600w + to spare that is a lot of juice to get rid of
  3. How about this feature, make it not ruin the Void wireless Make it so the software does NOT lock up the headset when past the 20' point I have stopped using the CUE software and have not had an issue. I load up the SUE software for 2 min to check my battery level and forget to close down the software and it locks the headset up and must do a forced update to make the headset work again. This is just bloody terrible, I have been complaining for the past 2 months and jack ****** has been done about it
  4. dude, I know the corsair guys hate me right now, but CUE is the problems with the headset atm, Just close it down and enjoy the headset
  5. I have found a pseudo workaround. Whenever the CUE software is loaded/reloaded you need to uncheck/recheck the auto shutdown feature. So far this has been the only way I can get it to stop for long periods of time.
  6. I left my headset plugged in for the past 2 nights and it is still on in the morning so yes I guess it does stop it. Bust as you said, it does make the wireless feature redundant lol
  7. The auto shutoff on the Void is just terrible. On a daily basis while watching movies in Kodi, playing games by myself, not talking on headset it tries to shut off There are times it seems to be random when it wants to shutoff I am very happy with the headset with this exception, which is infuriating in fact while typing this it decided to try and shut down and I am watching a movie :|
  8. This is for the Void headset. Now that we have the "Activate sound notifications, could we some of these? 1) change the volume of those notifications 2) different voices / custom sounds / a variety of sounds to choose from 3) range of sound reduction for those notifications 4) show battery % while charging 5) lighting profile based on battery/charging (charging/100%/80%/60%/40%/20%) 6) reprogramming of certain buttons (Mic mute/Side tone, EQ/Surround)
  9. Would love to see battery level in the software. Say at the bottom, where the picture shows up of the plugged in corsair products. Turn the picture into the battery meter or put one beside said product. Another feature would be nice to see on the headset (Void wireless) is a remapping of keys (eg mute/sidetone) A button which I myself will never use (I already know this because it is my 2nd pair of wireless headset) I use push to talk in TS3, and when I walk around I would like to be able to press the most useless button (yes that is you mute!) and have it to be my push to talk.
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