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  1. I returned the Ironclaw RGB Wireless to the store, before that I made a comprehensive post on what is causing the issue and how to avoid it.
  2. Hi, I would like to report an error/issue in either iCUE or Ironclaw RGB Wireless Firmware. Symptoms: During gameplay, the mouse becomes Unavailable in the iCUE screen, mouse sensor and main buttons still works. All iCUE profile related functions stop to work (DPI change, profile change, button remap), also the mouse RGB LEDs become frozen. This issue happens only in 2.4GHz mode, wired and bluetooth works as expected. Fix: Turn the mouse off and on (2.4GHz), sometimes removing and reinserting the USB dongle is also required. Steps to reproduce: Performed a clean Windows 11 install, software installed: iCUE v4.33.138 One Lightning Effect layer using Lightning Link Ironclaw firmware v5.0.130 Slipstream Wireless USB Receiver firmware v5.6.126 AMD Chipset Drivers (Chipset X570) NVIDIA GeForce Drivers and GeForce Experience 531.29 Steam client Destiny 2 game (the issue happens in other games after a few minutes of gameplay). How to prevent the issue: Go to the Mouse Lightning Effect tab and create a layer that do not use lightning link as the image below. I am also attaching the iCUE logs, you can see a spam of messages about the Ironclaw RGB Wireless and Slipstream Wireless USB Receiver arround 2023-03-20 17:17:32 2023-03-20 17:17:32.339 W cue.devices.enum.subdevice: Fail counter for "IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS" reached zero, removing subdevice icuelog.zip (OneDrive link)
  3. Still no fix for this? I bought this mouse two days ago and I'm having this "disconnected from ICUE" issue.
  4. I just bought this mouse and I have the same issue. While gaming the mouse goes to "Unavailable" according do iCUE, sensor and main buttons still works (DPI, profile switch doesn't work). Only fix seems to be toggle the mouse off and to 2.4GHz, sometimes removing and inserting the dongle is required. Ironclaw RGB WIreless FW: v5.0.130 Slipstream Wireless USB Receiver FW: v5.6.126 iCUE version: v4.33.138 It's a shame as this is a known issue for several months (if not years) and still not fixed. I'm considering returning this product.
  5. Forgot to update this in time. I got the graphics card, I can confirm that the RGB leds from the 3080 Ti TUF can be controlled using iCUE, if you have an ASUS motherboard (in my case Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi).
  6. Hello, I currently got an ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero motherboard and I'm controlling the motherboard RGB lightning through iCUE 4. I'm considering upgrading to an ASUS RTX 3080 Ti TUF graphics card. Does someone know if I can control the graphics card RGB lightning through iCUE?
  7. Please share it with the team :) Old behavior: The headset shows up in Widows audio device list after the Wireless connection between the receiver and headset is established. This means that the receiver can remain connected to the system, only one action is required to change the audio playback from Speakers to Headset. Action: Turn on the headset in wireless mode. New behavior: The headset shows up in Windows audio device list when the receiver is connected to the system. This means that the receiver cannot remain connected to the system, now it is required two actions to change audio playback from speakers to headset. Actions: Connect the receiver and turn on the headset in wireless mode. Alternatively the user can keep the receiver connected to the system and manually switch the default audio device (Speakers or Headset). Suggestion/expected behavior: In iCUE, select the Wireless receiver and click in connections. Playstation mode: Should have the old behavior, as the headset is the only device connected. Multipoint mode: Should have the new behavior in order to keep the wireless connection active with any additional devices paired the user may have.
  8. I did not like this new behavior, even when I set the receiver to "Playstation mode" it remains showing in the audio device while the headset is turned off. I opened a ticket (#2004487703) requesting the old firmware for the headset and receiver.
  9. I'm affected by the same issue. I tried changing my receiver back to "Playstation mode" but the issue persists. When I connect the receiver it shows on windows audio devices as default device. The old behavior was better, where the device shows up as audio device only after the wireless connection is made. I understand this new behavior should be happening only when I choose "multipoint mode". Do Corsair plan to fix it? Can I flash the old firmware back?
  10. Would be nice to get patch notes. I'm afraid to update as last time, iCUE messed up bad with audiodg, causing high CPU usage (13%), the only fix I found was to format C: and reinstall Windows.
  11. I have the same issue with Discord, delayed sounds whenever iCue drivers/wireless dongle inserted. Headset: Corsair HS70 Pro Windows 10 Pro 64 bits, version 2004 (build 19041.329) iCUE version: 3.30.97 Discord version: Stable 63252 (7138483) A temporary fix is to run Discord in compatibility mode with Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  12. RHBH

    iCue Lag

    I am having lag/delayed responses from my wireless headset too (HS70 Pro). It started after the last update (3.30.89), the process audiodg.exe is using high CPU when I press mic mute/unmute for example.
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