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H100i High Stock Temps??


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Hey guys,


So I have an H100i installed into my new beast of an editing rig, after upgrading from the H50 in my previous build. However, I am kind of worried about the stock temps. As soon as I got my new build fired up, I planned on over clocking to about 4.5GHz to boost performance in editing softwares, however noticed that my stock temps were at about 35C on the CPU in my BIOS (F18, for those who care). So I left the computer for about 96 hours to give it time to "cure", never having had this issue with older coolers. However, a week later, I'm getting IDLE temps of about ~32 on all cores, with the coldest being 29C. Is this normal, or should I try a reseat??

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these are good normal temps,also ambient temp plays an important part in your temps...


Awesome. It's just I've never been a fan of dual rads (however I will admit changing to the SP120s has made the world of a difference!!)


My BIOS reads the motherboard at about 25C, and my room is the coldest in the house (GO CANADA), at around 22C. But thanks for the reply!


Another question: should I swap out the stock thermal paste? Never have but I do have some CM Cooler Fusion 400 that I can get my hands on

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