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Found 3 results

  1. After about one cycle of prime95, chip skyrockets its temp. In genersl the h80i pump never seems to increase its temp alomg woth the cpu, only ranging from about 28degrees to 30, while the cpu goes from 30- 100. I feel vibrations through the tubing, and the top seems mounted tightly with no wiggle room. Tried rearranging fan connectors as was listed herehttps://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/h80i-letting-the-cpu-reach-95-degrees-c-panic.2183736/, but no luck. Running a modest 4.4 OC @40 offset voltage on an i5 8600k. In general the chip ran hot though. Voltage sitting at 1.29-1.32 tops.
  2. Hello, my CoPro is behaving strange. I have 2 Temperature Sensors (10kOhm) that are attached to Water Cooling Threads. Connecting either one to my Motherboard's Temperature input, i get reasonable results, while with the CoPro, results are 8-9 degrees below the real value (i know because i used a regular thermometer to measure the temperature, also the reported temperature is slightly below ambient). But now it gets even more strange, when i connect BOTH Sensors to the co pro, the temperatures BOTH are 4° - 5° BELOW the value reported when EITHER ONE is connected. (so around 13-14° lower) At first i thought it was because they were attached to a radiator, which was connected to the case, but i moved them to my (Plexi) reservoir and the results remain the same. To summarize: no HWiNFO, CPU-Z or AISuite, AIDA64, XTU, ... is running and the issue persists. The RPM and voltage values reported by the CoPro are correct, its working great otherwise no matter where i place the sensors, one connected sensor reports ~ 19°C, when both are connected, both report ~15° the DELTA reported between 2 sensors is CORRECT, one being at the start of the loop, one being before the radiator at the end, there is a delta of ~0.5° - 1.5° depending on load. this is in line with whats expected So i would be happy if i could just set an OFFSET for the CoPro's temperatures, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. Also the "Custom Fan Curve" STARTS at 20°, so its pretty much useless when temperatures are < 20° most of the time. Anyone can shed some light on this?
  3. Hello, I have noticed a strange behaviour with my newly acquired Corsair H115 RGB platinum and I thought about asking directly for the community's advice since I am new to liquid cooling. Basically, what happened is that I tried to run a small stress test on my CPU with a software called AIDA64 and as soon as the load on the cup reached 100% various softwares (core temp, AIDA 64 itself, etc....) warned me about the CPU temp (cores and packages) skyrocketing to 70°C. All of this happened while the H115I radiator's fans kept their initial RPM (around 600 i think). After five minutes of stress test running, given that the CPU still had 70°C or more and the radiators fan were not reacting, I stopped the test fearing damage to the CPU. After doing some research and one more short test I've noticed that the radiator fans are programmed in iCUE to react in according to the temperature of the coolant. While I agree that for a liquid cooler reacting to the coolant's temperature is the most appropriate behaviour, what concerns me is that coolant itself gained just a couple of degrees (from 28 to 30) while the CPU was way over 70°C. Is it normal? Or maybe is my unit faulty? I don't know much about liquid cooling but I do remember that when I was using air cooling I never reached those hight temps on the CPU, I am worried that any demanding and stressful task I might do in the future could possibly damage my CPU because the coolant does not react fast enough to the CPU temperature changes. Is that how things work with all liquid coolers or do I have a faulty unit? Are there some test I can do to make sure everything works correctly? Thanks
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