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Upset about RMA response


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So after saving up to finally upgrade my PC I decided to buy top quality products, 3 of them being Corsair. Unfortunately 2 of the 3 products were defective, one of them I could use superglue to fix the broken side panel clips of the Obsidian 550d but the other product was the AX 860i PSU.


The unit is less than 2 weeks old (7 days when I logged a support call) and by the time I realised it had a design flaw, the annoying flan click on silent mode I was too late to send it back to where I bought it from which is 7 days by UK law, it took an additional 7 days to get an RMA response from Corsair support.


The part that just added insult to injury is the standard RMA response in that I had to send my PSU, pay for the costs of carriage and have a brand new PC build without a PSU for an indefinite amount of time while the AX 860i is sent to another country! I spent over £150 for that unit and now I am being asked to pay more to rectify a design flaw from a brand new unit barely weeks old :(: I find this unfair and disheartening that I am the one that has to suffer.


If it's any use here is the RMA #6272956

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Okay, I am starting to get frustrated with how I am being treated! specially when I have spent a lot of money with corsair products on my latest build PC, proof is attached with a purchase invoice on my RMA ticket.


Since updating my ticket as you suggested, I have not received any response whatsoever so far for 4 days (these are working days, not weekend). The more it passes with a noisy expensive £150 PSU the worse I feel something positive will be done to rectify it correctly without me being out of pocket or PSU. I cannot accept having to send my PSU away to a different country when I reported it to Corsair soon after I discovered it was the AX860i that had a design flaw, we should get this replaced in advance; Other hardware companies that I have dealt with have done this for my under normal warranty long after purchase.


Please can one of the company employees on this forum investigate what is going on with my RMA?



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If I am not mistaken, according to European Union Law if the PSU is defective you can ask for a refund of all transportation expenses.

But Corsair needs to agree that the PSU is defective.

And this is valid only for the two year legal warranty.

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snfo: I believe that only applies to the reseller, not the manufacturer.


VaticanSIN: It looks like the ticket was sent to customer service get you the prepaid label.


However, since you're requesting an Express Replacement, you'd need do one of the two following things to get one:

1. Call customer service and they can upgrade your existing ticket over the phone (http://www.corsair.com/us/company/contact/, free call via skype if you call the 1-888 number)

2. Create a new ticket for CP-9020037-UK (assuming you have the UK version of the AX860i, -EU if you have the EU version // the only difference is the power cable to the wall) and select the 2nd option (PSU is faulty), and then select Express Replacement.


Express Replacement – At Corsair, we understand the need to be up and running at all times! To minimize down time, we offer an Express Replacement RMA process. Through this process Corsair will ship your replacement product(s) prior to receiving your defective product(s). This process requires a valid Credit Card where a holding fee will be applied for the cost of the product until the returning product(s) are received by Corsair. To avoid being fully charged for the Express Replacement product(s), the defective product(s) must be received by Corsair within 15 business days from the date your Express Replacement order is shipped.



If you do #1, tell the CS rep on the phone that it's < 30 days from purchase, and they should set up the prepaid label. If you do #2, PM me the case # and I'll put in the request.

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Thank you Technobeard for the response and instructions to further pursue this, I appreciate this a lot. My intention was not to be hostile (I work in an I.T. environment myself) but it is just when I seemed to be getting nowhere after reporting the issue soon after purchase, its when I got a frustrated.


Apologies if I was a bit antisocial on the forum.


I have since spoken to Customer Service and have arranged a call back for an express replacement for the 20/12/2013 when they are back in stock.


Again thank you Technobeard for you assistance. Faith restored in Corsair!

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