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Logitech K800 Keyboard messed up after using M95 Macro


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Hi Folks,


Apologies if this issue has been covered here, but I could not find it after performing a few searches.


I just assigned a few macros to my m95 and immediately after testing them in notepad (specifically, CTRL-Z for undo) my keyboard had a stroke and is all messed up in regards to it's default bindings.


It recovered after I uninstalled the M95 Driver and manager, but needless to say the KB and mouse really need to cooperate for this to be a worthwhile thing.


Any idea of how to fix this? Obviously the issue is the M95 is hijacking the KB to some degree. I have updated the M95 firmware to the latest version.


Thanks in advance,



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Ive just returned from OS so apologies for the delay. I've tested again on another 2 machines (Toshiba and HP laptop) and I'm having the same issue.


What worseis that enabling hardware playback completely disables all macros, and on all machines. Keep in mind there are no 3rd party mouse drivers installed on my main PC or the 2 laptops.


Can you please confirm how I can RMA this mouse? I've had a string of faulty hardware arrive to me over the past month which (through no fault of Corsair alone) is completely tiring me and I really dont have the time to make tweaks to get this to work.


Thanks and regards,



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