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SSD Toolbox (v1.0.0) over-provisioning not working

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Hmm over-provisionizing doesn't work for me.


I tried rebooting with msahci driver but without success.


It fails all the time, says busy...




already closed all apps (twice checked with performance monitor that no task/process use disk i/o, even shut down windows-internal-logging nearly completely), but well its primary disk, i cant close the "OS-application".


should i install OS on another disk first, run the tool from there or does it has to work with disk as primary too? :sigh!:


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Thx for split, filled out details... briefly, please dont force me to find out every model number of any piece of hardware ;)


Corsair Force 3


Here is the drive info:




The overprovisioning works fine under windows 8 with a neuton gtx 120gb.


Firmware update on the other hand keeps failing (actually it succeeds it just says it failed), so does TRIM. (Trim does work with Windows 8 disk optimizer and I just noticed the original thread was updated to say it doesnt support trim in win8). So other than false warnings, everything works here. :)


Update: I see that it isn't supported in Win8 in the other thread. A pop up warning in the next build would stop the misunderstanding.

Update2: I'm not using enough space on my GTX for the extra over provisioning to have any effect (like yellowbeard says below), but it's nice to have in the ssd tool nonetheless.

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Nice to know, so i have to put less extra over-provisioning to reach the goal, but not the exact solution (not complaining about the original overprovision).


I want to go higher (@110GB/+15%) because of this:


Source: http://www.edn.com/design/systems-design/4404566/3/Understanding-SSD-over-provisioning


As shown in Figure 3, write amplification for sustained 4KB random writes benefited significantly from a higher percentage of over-provisioning for SSDs that do not include DuraWrite technology. For SSDs that do include DuraWrite or a similar data reduction technology, the throughput improvement increased at a higher rate at higher levels of entropy.



It is available (This drive can be over-provisionised) but not working (overprovisioning failed, busy).

I started this thread because i need help in executing overprovising, to increase performance and sustainability more, whatever the original is.


Thx anyway.


The general question according this function in the toolbox was: "if it is neccessary to run overprovisioning from another drive/OS than the SSD or if it should work from SSD as primary running ".


Please just answer me that.


Did anyone succesfully overprovionised any primary drive with running windows?


To be specific, too, did anyone succesfully overprovisionised a Corsair Force 3 (see above)?

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OP has been tested and works fine with the Force 3 drives and tested on our SSDs while running the OS.


How much space is used and how much space is available on your SSD?


I am not (yet) certain how to determine this but there are instances where you could have immovable files locked by the OS that are residing in the area that the tool wants to use for the OP.


Can you try to resize/shrink the partition in Windows Disk Management? If you can shrink the volume and leave the same desired empty unallocated space that you set for the toolbox, then you have accomplished the same thing.

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At first this showed off my Virtual Disk Service hasnt registered Device properly, searching the net for that covered that DISK DEFRAGMENTER SERVICE should be MANUAL for it to work, not being completely deactivated.


But you were right, Windows was holding some files up opened on that part wanted to be overprovisionised, so i had to shrink the partition, i tok 8192MB.


After that the over-provisioning succesfully being applied.


Because the over-provisioning was only applied to the "partitoned"-device and shrinks that partition additionaly, I was free to go resize it back in disk-management up the max.


Wonderful. Thanks.


Edit: I was wrong, that unused space showing in disk-manager then WAS the actual extra overprovisioned space.


But whatever the process helped in delocking the windows-files beeing in use... just redoing it worked. :p


That clears my next question: How to remove over-provisioning? Answer: Increase disk space to all unallacated space left in windows disk-manager. ;)

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