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M90 Lift height (sensor?) issue


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I'm having an issue with my M90, which has developed over some time: Some months ago I updated the FW, and discovered that for my mouse to function I needed to change my lift height to medium-high, it would partially work at medium, but to get full functionality it had to be at medium-high. This is going from my normal 'low' setting, which from purchase until then had worked fine.


Gradually the medium-high setting developed issues, the mouse failed to detect more and more of the surface, until this setting was almost entirely unusable, with the cursor being unresponsive to input. Following this I switched up to the high lift height, which on a few select surfaces still works. Most of my table (which before hand was fine) is unusable. And my Steelseries 4HD mousepad, which I had also used without any problems (and wish to continue using...) is no longer 'seen'.


I've reflashed the mouse and tried the usual standard fixes, including a different computer, but they don't seem to make any difference. At the moment the mouse only works on a very small part of my desk, when on the high lift height setting. Changing the polling rate helps a little bit as small parts of the desk that the mouse doens't like are skipped over in the extrapolation between reports, but it doesn't effect the fundamental issue.


I cannot find a single surface on which anything below medium-high generates any cursor movement, medium high can produce some staccato movement, but nothing consistent.


I suppose this is an RMA situation, for the sensor, but I'd like to get confirmation over here. If it is an RMA situation could you handle the case if I provide the case number, and would advanced RMA be possible, and I don't want to end up without a mouse for a couple of weeks :p.

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Just received an email from the RMA dept confirming the RMA request, but it doesn't state anything about an advanced RMA, I assume there'll be further correspondence after the weekend.


An Adv-RMA needs to be called in for security since it'll require a credit card to process the request. Since you have your RMA number already, you can call in anytime to request it.

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