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Is flip possible on the M60?


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Is there any way to activate flip for the middle M60 button?


I am used to using it with microsoft mouses as the default function, its not a ability of the mouse itself though its a basic windows function that is activated by the mouse.


When you click it all windows open are displayed on the screen so you can choose what window you want to go to, there is also flip 3D which is the same but visually different.

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All you need is create macro key combination: Ctrl+Win+Tab and assign it to button you like.


Thanks for the reply Laufer but that is not what I was looking for, that works for Flip 3D only.


I have found the path to the flip 3D:

(C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe DwmApi #105)

but it only works with Aero and I don't use Aero, but it couldnt open that as a .exe anyway when I did try it on Aero.


I don't think there is keyboard shortcuts to the regular Flip, it just shows all the tabs open but in a different way, all side by side (not alt + tab either).


I'm starting to think now it could have been part of the Microsoft Mouse software as I can't seem to find it anywhere.

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