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Dataplex and Windows Update crash


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I'm not sure if I am one of the few with this issue or not with the Accelerator 60GB cache drive. It has been working awesome for me as I didn't want to move to a SSD non-cache boot drive. Then, I ran into issues with Windows Updates. I have looked everywhere on Corsair and the Dataplex software forums but have not seen anything mentioned about the crashing and rebuilding of the system being needed if you don't uninstall the Dataplex software first, before Windows Updates. Now, I have auto Windows Updates turned off and will update them manually in the future after the uninstall/update/reinstall procedure. Dataplex still doesn't resolve this issue and I wish it was made known at least somewhere obvious on this and their website as others have had the same issue with the software and other cache solutions. Anyways, just wanted to make other aware. Good luck!
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