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Memory Compatibility - HP Pavilion dv6


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I probably should have found this page before I purchased my RAM, but..


I have a HP Pavilion dv6 - 3030tx.


It can accept up to 8GB ram (2x4GB).


What RAM would you recommend for this system.


The machine is a Core i5, and runs its current memory at 533Mhz and 7-7-7-20.


I hope you say the CMSO8GX3M2A1333C9, (which I just purchased)?



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Thanks Peanutz94.


I would have thought so to, but with the Memory installed, Windows won't boot, (I have tried all the various safemode and startup options).


I have run memory tests from the bios and these pass, but I tried to run MemTest 4.20 and it crashes after about 3 seconds. I managed to take a photo of the screen before it crashed and it is saying its running @ 7-7-7-20.


So I am trying to determine if its faulty RAM or just the wrong type, before RMA'ing the memory.


I will try MemTest on each module individually tonight and see if its just one or both.

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Have you tried clearing the BIOS yet? That should be done before switching memory and also be sure you have any firmware or BIOS updataes that would apply to your computer.


Since the BIOS is still showing 7-7-7-20 i would bet the old settings are still stuck in the BIOS and need to be cleared before the new set will post.

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Laptop is running the latest bios, and I have now reset the bios prior to running the following memtest's.


I have now tested both memory modules individually and in each available memory slot, (only 2 on this laptop).


In all cases MemTest 4.20 (and 4.15) crash after a few seconds of running.


I think you will find that the core i5-540m will only run @ 1066Mhz, the following is from the dv6 manual..


"..(only computer models equipped with the Intel

Core i7-840QM 1.86 GHz processor, the Intel Core i7-820QM 1.73GHz processor, the

Intel Core i7-740QM 1.73 GHz processor, and the Intel Core i7-720QM 1.6 GHz

processor run at DDR3/1333-MHz; all other computer models run at DDR3/1066-MHz)"


Again thanks for your help.


I am hoping RAM guy can confirm or deny compatibility with this memory.



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Hi Ram Guy,


What other information do you require?


The laptop is a HP core i5-540M. (http://ark.intel.com/products/43544/Intel-Core-i5-540M-Processor-3M-Cache-2_53-GHz)

It has a maximum supported memory of 8GB

The maximum supported memory speed is 1066Mhz.

The memory currently installed is as per screen shot.




I thought that the 1333Mhz memory would downclock to 1066Mhz and run at the required 7-7-7-20 CAS latencies, or is this assumption wrong?


(Note: I have a corresponding forum post going on over on the HP support site.. no luck so far..




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  • Corsair Employee

The issue is the specific Chipset that the NB is using, if its H55 then our modules may not be supported as they can be made with 512m X 8 memory IC's which that chipset would not support. Only modules made with 256M X 8 would be supported on these older chipsets.

That would be what you would need to find out from HP, if they even know?


However you can try them if you like but I would check on the resellers return policy if the will not work there is not a lot we can do.

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With knowledge comes power!

Ok, the Pavilion dv6 3030tx runs an Intel HM55 southbridge chipset, so this would explain the memory incompatability.

I have managed to track down some 2x4GB memory with 256Mx8 IC's and I will update this post once they have arrived and I have tested them.

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Sorry for the late update.


The RAM was a competitors brand so will not name names here, but it was spec'd as DDR3-1066 4G/256x8.


The issue was correctly identified as the requirement for the memory to be 256M x 8.


I have been running successfully with this memory for 3 months now with no issues.


Thanks Ram Guy

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