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600T Fan Controler RMA


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I am posting this thread for case #4969044 where i have been passed off to Customer service and awaiting reply. Last I heard from any representative was the 08/22.


My problem is that the Fan controller on my 600T has shorted/burned out. Visible browning and singeing of the white fan input connectors on the PCB but no visible damage to the dial switch. In theory it works, but 2 of the inputs are actually dead with the other 2 stuck on full speed regardless of the dial setting. The controller was only powering the stock fans in the case which includes the 2x 200mm fans and the 1 120mm in the back. Running a HX750 if that helps.


I love Corsair, i love my 600T but i cant really continue working with only the 600T chassis as you needed to take apart the ABS panels to access the IO

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Update: Problem <SOLVED>


I was surprised you guys sent the entire top IO when i just needed a new fan controller module/pcb, but thank you very much.


Just a curious question for RAM GUY: are most of the 600t problems related to the IO/fan controller?

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Hello, my controller slowly started to die and now is completely dead.

I have a white 600T, I'm not the original buyer, but the first one to use the case, it was boxed for sometime and the original buyer told me he bought it directly from corsair usa, but I don't have any sale receipt or something from corsair.


What can I do to have my fan controller replaced ? I'm from Brazil, so it's impossible to send in my case.


Sorry to hijack, if needed I'll create a new thread.



Thank you,



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