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What does a 'Good' ATTO benchmark look like?


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Atto measures read and write rates of ~ max. compressible data in variable sequentiell size.


You can easily see if the drive is in reach of max transferrates, because the specs itselfs note on the values: "measured with ATTO".


You do NOT achieve this spec-rates in ANY reallife application data-transfers.


A good ATTO benchmark looks like: Achieving 98% of read/write-specs somewhere nearly at the bottom (highest filechunk sizes). Usually smaller filsize read/writes quite much slower, what is absolutely normal, HDD values kept in mind.

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Once the computer gets to a certain speed,it's impossible for a human to detect any difference in the reading and writing or normal operation.


A human would not see any difference when opening the same file on my computer or the RAID setup ... if the file being opened was on my SSD.

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