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Corsair H100 DOA


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A few problems with my H100, i dont know if it is 1 issue or a number of issues.

First thing: Fans stuck on full speed....sounds like a jet plane taking off all the time.


Second Thing: One of the plugs on the pump unit doesnt work, when a fan is plugger into it, then the fan doesnt work at all.

Actually when swapping them, it has seemed to kill all the fans now.


Third Thing: (Before all the fans died) The pump unit was stuck on setting 2. Button was unresponsive, and no response when trying to reset the firmware.


Now the fans dies completely, all the lights have now turned off, and i now get a "CPU fan error" when booting up.


Pretty sure this is a dead unit, and have requested an RMA under number :#4922811

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Actually no...i replaced the broken stock cooler with the H100 as want to explore realms of OC'ing.


Do Corsair have an RMA centre in Hong Kong? would make my life a lot easier if they do! as won't have to deal with postage.

I did read somewhere that they do, but cannot find any info on it.

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  • Corsair Employees
All end user RMA's requests would have to come through our support here in USA and once the RMA is given and depending on the product we will advise the closest Receiving Hub to you. You will not be able to request support directly from one of our Hub's with out speaking with us first. sorry!
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