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Fan controller RMA


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Last night I issued an RMA for a blown fan controller on my 600T case. Haven't received a response yet, but I understand that this may take long.


A " paf " sound was heard and the 3rd chip of the controller has a little crater now :bigeyes:

Fan cables 3 and 4 are dead and the speed control is giving always 100% to the other 2 cables, so I guess the potentiometer is burned out too.


Since I'm from Greece, should I hope for an RMA or should I try to contact the local retailer (crossing fingers...hope not...hope not...hope not)?


Is there an option to buy a new fan controller to speed things up?

It seems like a simple and cheap component and as far as I see the whole RMA procedure takes up time and I don't want to keep my two weeks old case with it's plastics removed for long.

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I just got an email to start the RMA procedure. Thank you for your fast response.

My RMA number is 2477056 but I have a little trouble filling the form. You are asking for a Lot Code and Serial number.

The only codes I see are on a sticker on the carton box, two barcodes. A little one and a bigger one. Are these the numbers you want?


PS. Couldn't find any other code or serial so I posted those. If you want I took a picture of the sticker. I can send it to you.

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I thought you said the LOT number is a seven digit, not eight.

Anyways, I almost got it right. I gave the number above as LOT and the barcode below as Serial. but with the addition of the numbers 8 and 7, in the begining and in the end, as seen on the barcode.

P.S. You should give such vital information printed on the included leaflets and not just on a tiny sticker on the carton box

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I just want to thank everybody on Corsair Support for the quick responses and the happy ending of my RMA procedure.


You made another loyal fan.

I'm spreading the word around here (friends,Greek forums etc) on how professionally you managed the whole situation and how you spared no expenses in order to satisfy my request.





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