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problems with 800D USB 3 front panel upgrade


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Firstly, before I get started, I would just like to say that I think it's great that Corsair have taken the time to provide upgrades for the 800D, I love my case, and though everything inside keeps changing (some all too rapidly), it's good that I'm able to play around and update the case itself :biggrin:


As the title to the thread suggests however, I've had some problems whilst upgrading the front panel to USB 3.


As I have an ASUS P8Z68-V Pro motherboard, I got with it a 20 pin to 2 x type A USB 3 connector that you are supposed to mount in a PCI slot at the back. I removed the plate and used the ample space in the rear of the case to attach the 2 USB cables from the new front panel...


...the only problem being...that now they don't work!


The regular USB sockets work fine, however it's the 2 USB 3 that aren't functional. Here's the strange part though, I can connect my mobile phone to either of the new front-panel USB 3 ports and it will happily charge!


If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate some advice.


Cheers, krs

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Did you make sure that you updated the USB3.0 drivers? If you have and did not fix the issue, submit an RMA and we will be able to send you a replacement free of charge and you don't have to send the defective unit back to us.
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ok...thanks for the responses...further to some suggestions above I have tried plugging the cables from the front panel into the rear USB 3.0 ports on my mobo, which seems to be working fine :D (apart from leaving me feeling a little sheepish and possibly stupid that I didn't think to do it in the first place!!!


...as I can't get any USB device to work whilst connected to the ASUS splitter / 20 -> 2x type A adapter I guess it either means I've been unable to initialize the port or the ASUS cable came broke! Guess I'm gonna have to order a new splitter!

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