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  1. Update. Received and installed the new H80I v2 and it works like I would expect it to. The v2 is an improvement over the original in several areas. The pump is more compact and the AMD mounting system is much improved. The power wiring for the pump is a better system then the previous. Don't like that you can only monitor 1 fan where the old model allowed you to monitor 2 fans. Other then that I like the new one better. Submitted a ticket to warranty the old one, waiting on a response.
  2. There is something definitely not right about this cooler, suspect that the fluid is on the low side, can here a slosh when I shake it. Rotated the radiator to where the hoses were on the bottom (preferred position according to manual) and started the computer. Watched the temperatures on Corsair Link, and the H80I temperature started slowly climbing until it peaked at 160 F. The temperature then started going back down and is currently at 101 F, this is with the computer sitting at idle. Suspect that when I rotated the radiator some air got in the pump and it took awhile for it to get out of the pump. Right now everything looks good on the Link monitoring screen, Pump RPM is 2285 and constant, no noise, If it would stay like this I would have no problem with it. But It has been inconsistent and it not working right when I rotate the radiator has me concerned. Have a new H80I V2 on order and will be here tomorrow. Assuming it works correctly I will see about returning the existing one on warranty.
  3. I have an H80I that I purchased 4 1/2 years ago that I had never installed. Decided to install on a new build. When you move the radiator you can here a gurgling noise like it has air in the system. It appears as if it is not full of fluid, the box shows no sign of leakage. I have 4 other coolers, 2 H100I and 2 H50 that do not do this. The cooler also seems to not want to circulate coolant in all positions. The cooler appears to be dependent on position of the radiator for circulation of fluid. In one position the cpu gets so hot it shuts down, rotate the radiator, changing nothing else and it works fine. I would assume this is a warranty item, yes or no?
  4. Just received the backplane upgrade kit and the USB 3.0 upgrade kit. Will start installation tonight. I think I will like the single power connector on the backplane, cuts down on the clutter.
  5. Works. I used the link I referenced the first time and then found the backplane upgrade and it worked and then found the usb 3.0 upgrade on the site and it worked. I don't know where the link I referenced goes but it looked right so I tried to order:sigh!: I don't know where the other poster was trying but he may have found the link somewhere else like I did. Any way I got it ordered:D:
  6. Here is the link I was using to access http://www.corsair.com/cases/case-accessories/obsidian-series-800d-700d-front-panel-usb-3-0-upgrade-kit.html?utm_source=Corsair&utm_medium=PressRelease&utm_content=ProductLink&utm_campaign=ObsidianUSB3Kit came from here http://www.pcper.com/ When I try to add to cart from this link I get the error. Just tried it with the same result.
  7. Worked the 2nd time, just placed an order. Gave an error message about a bad URL when I tried to add to cart. Anyway working now. Thanks for the prompt reply, However:biggrin:
  8. Link is working now, just order the USB 3.0 Front Panel and the Sata 3 backplane upgrade.
  9. Same for me, cannot add to cart, would like to buy at the same time I get the 6 Gb upgrade kit to same on shipping.
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