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Compatible Cooler with 16GB Vengeance Ram


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Hello everyone.


I have recently built a new machine and used 16GB of Vengeance RAM. I initially intended to use Vengeance LP, but it wasn't available at my local store so I ended up purchasing the normal Vengeance RAM. The size of the heatspreaders seems to be an issue with fitting in many aftermarket cooling solutions.


Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for a solution that will definitely fit? I've been getting alot of mixed answers.


I was looking at the Noctua NH-C14 and the Hyper212+.


I was told the NH-C14 would fit in High Clearance mode, but I think that's a waste. If I get the NH-C14 I would like for both fans to be on. Some have said that if you orient the NH-C14 so the pipes are perpendicular to the RAM that it will fit in two fan mode but I want to confirm that this is possible.


I've also received mixed answers on the compatibility of the Hyper212+ with these modules.


If no high performance HSF will fit, I think I'll just bite the bullet and either remove the heat spreaders or grab another stick of RAM for a low profile version. Would it be possible to exchange one Vengeance for a Vengeance LP?

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I cant tell you about the coolers, but you do not want to add just one stick of LP to your system. Adding one non matched module to an already matched kit is asking for problems. Chances are they wont run at rated speed or if at all.


You will also void your warranty removing one of the heatspreaders.

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Yes it may be the same IC, but it would not be tested with your other modules. It only takes a slight difference in that IC to throw them all off.


You can scour these forums and find tons of instances where people have added memory of the SAME exact part number and have had nothing but trouble. Corsair does not suggest or support the mixing of memory like that. So if you choose to do that and have issues, there really isn't much they can do.


If you have the option, i would return your kit for an entire matched LP kit.

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Were you able to get the low profile sticks?


If not, an alternative would be to go with one of the "all in one liquid cooling kits".

A Corsair H80 or H100 would be a lot less weight hanging off the mobo and about equall cooling to the C14 (H100), with none of the ram clearance issues.

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