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CMX4GX3M1A1333C9 with intel DH55HC


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Hi everyone,


I wanted to know if this memory is compatible with my motherboard... I have been searching a lot in the web and in the corsair page but this motherboard is not listed... I hope you can help me...


As a side note, I'm asking because I'm facing some bsod in my system and I think that this can be the cause... Thanks! ;):

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I was hoping someone would answer this post as I am looking to get this same MB and I have the CXM8GX3MA2A1333C9 already purchased to use in the system. Everything I've read said it should work, so your's should too.

Have you had any luck getting your system to work in the days since you posted the question?? Jim.

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hi there,


No, I still have a lot of bsod, right now I'm doing a full test of the memory... maybe it can be that the memory is bad... I have 2 memories of 4gb each one... So, I'm testing separately each module and looking for errors...


Before to buy this MB, let me share with you a couple of things that I have found:


1) Lack of corsair support (I hope not to get banned for publish this). Because, once I wrote them and they didn't help me at all...


2) Intel support, it's very good... I chat with one guy from intel, and he tried to help me the more that he could, to find the problem, but it was difficult because as you know it's hard to find a memory model tested with a specific MB, most of the time you only have to check the detail specification...


3) In a windows forum a guy told me that the problem is that the command rate (CR) between the MB and the memory don't match... In the corsair page if you go to the tech support option and look for this model, you will find a message that they tested this memory with a setting 9-9-9-24-2T, BUT unfortunately the motherboard works with 9-9-9-24-1T and you can't change this value in the BIOS (1T), so this brings stability issues... and well, that's why I wrote to this forum and see if someone has the same problem :(:


4) In the corsair page, this MB is not listed... So maybe, corsair doesn't give support for this MB...


On a side note, I was thinking in buy a new memory, check the ******** page (again, I hope not to get banned), they have listed this MB model... actually, I found one that has very good recommendations in amazon...

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I am sorry that your post was over looked, but the command Rate setting should be listed in the BIOS, please check with the MB manufacturer and have you tested the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org and have you updated the BIOS on the MB?


Hi there,


the command rate is 1T, unfortunately, I can't change this setting in the MB...


For testing the memories, I did this:


First, I run memtest for the two modules, for about 12 hours, no errors :sigh!:


Then, I decided to test each module separately... For doing this test:


before to use the memtest, I decided to start the pc with one memory and do my daily tasks, let's called memmory A. Well, after a couple of hours I had a bluescreen, I decide to wait and see if another one appears, then after some hours again a bluescreen....


So, it was the time for do a memtest to this memory A, the test was for about 5-6 hours no errors, then I decide to run the test 5 and 8 which are the most powerful for about 7 hours, no errors :mad:


Then, I decide to test the other memory B, I put on my system, and I start the PC and do my daily tasks, and until now (aprox 5 days), no more bluescreens :roll: I hadn't run the memtest to this memory B...


But from these tests, it seems that memory A is bad, I don't know why, it doesn't show any errors during the memtest :(: I have taken this PC to the tech support of the store where I bought, but I don't know those guys are not good techs, because they never read the minidump or check the memory with a memtest... I'm a little frustated because I don't know if the store will want to change me the memory because I opened the computer case

by myself, so in my country this means that I lost the warranty (I know it sounds silly, but it's true)


Well, I think that I will need to buy another memory but I don't know if I will buy again a corsair, I know that corsair is a very good brand but the support was not good and well, my experience with a brand new memory was terrible :(:

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  • Corsair Employee

I see well, did you contact the MB manufacturer like I suggested about the command Rate setting and to see if they had a BIOS update?

We can try and replace the modules for you if you like but I suspect the memory is not the issue from what you have posted.

If you want to try that please use the link on the left to request an RMA and we can try replacing them.


As far as your other comments, I just say that I am as I already stated sorry that your post was over looked. But please keep in mind your first post was late Thursday Night last week and we are not open on weekends and there is a time difference so some of this was for these reasons and yes we do try and reply to posts in 24-48 Business hours IE: Monday Through Friday Excluding Holidays 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time. But we do understand and it is your money so by all means do what you feel is best for you.

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Little late on the update on my system, but I used the memory I showed in my first post above, and went ahead with the DC55HC motherboard and absolutely no problems in about 6 weeks running now. One thing I did find out from a poster on the Intel MB forum is that memory that is 10666 doesn't work well. What I got shows to be 10600. Maybe that's the difference. Possible Intel has or will come out with a bios update that might help you. Worth contacting them to see. Jim.
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There is somewhere in your BIOS that will allow you to adjust command rate. I read through your manual and found it there. You should have three choices...Auto, 1t, and 2t.

It might be worth expanding every option in the BIOS until you find it.

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