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are we going to get new updated drivers?


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after a long debate about weather to get these hs1s and reading and watching all the video reviews i decided to invest in what i thought was going to be an awsome set of bins. how dissapointed i was when the mic doesnt even work in any source games and is very very low in ventrilo and voice recording is terrible, surely you must have done extensive tests before even letting these loose on the public, apart from the mic the sound isnt all that either i was expecting to be wowed i find it very hard to distinguish which sound is best the bass has to pumped right up to get some kind of humph when playing games and after all the tests i find stereo to be the best sound of all the presets. i dont use any of the sound effects and the 5.1 and 7.1 isnt up to scratch either. i must say how ever that when it comes to movies and music these head phones really shine, the 7.1 is awsome for movies and sounds just like you are at the cinema still having to bump up the bass but that doesnt matter and the music sounds excellent, being that this is your new venture into audio and that this headset is a gaming headset i hope you will be soon updating drivers to rectify a lot of problems what people are obviously having, saying that ive not come hear to rant and rave.... (maybe a little :sunglasse ) i wish each and every one of you a very merry xmas and a happy new year (cough..new drivers) thanks for reading :) my system specs are windows 7 64bit enterprise edition, asus motherboard P7P55 LX, 4 gig corsair domintor ram, ati radeon hd 5770, on board sound disabled, audigy 2 soundcard
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Is any one actually going to get around fixing this? Hopefully there are some corsair munchkins busy trying to fix all our problems. But I think we will have to wait till 2011.

Ps my fiance is really pissed off seeing as she bought me the hs1s for my Xmas gift and you don't want to piss a woman off ;) she's already mentioned solicitors lol.

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Same issues here.


People are telling me it sounds like there's bacon sizzling in the background when I talk.


Also, in Ventrilo, I'm constantly messing with the sensitivity because the output of the mic seems to change all the time. I'll go into test mode, talk and the output is '35', so I set my sensitivity to that. Then I'll reboot and in test mode I'll get an output of '75'. Makes no sense.

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hi folks, I dont have too much background noise... i've got too little mic volume.

Especially in game (lord of the rings online). Folks say that i'm clear, just really really quiet.


I've got the in-game volume mic sliders maxed, ive got the mic volume slider maxed in windows (7-64bit Ultimate) too.


Why is there no "mic gain" slider like most other soundcards employ?

+5db increments would be great.


This is the primary use of my headset, and it's really disappointing that it's so quiet.

I'm pretty sure it's a driver issue with lotro and this soundcard/headset, but still, +DB mic boost fixes this for me, and i'm happy with the set.


Can we please get a driver/software update for this? Even the generic windows drivers have this option...


Although i still have to figure out how to EQ out the 'you're in a cave' effect for games.


Maybe one of you can download/install it, install this headset, and see (hear, or not hear) what i'm talking about?


That would be awesome.


EDIT: yes, all the mic volume sliders are maxed. Why is there no +x db mic boost with these drivers?

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I'm not having any of these issues. The only comparable thing would be that sometimes when I reboot, the mic volume is quiet for a few minutes and then gets back to normal. However, I do agree that there should be more options for adjusting mic settings.
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Come on corsair when are you going to fix these problems, it's becoming a joke checking back here everyday to see If there are any driver updates to sort this mess that is snowballing into a lot of disappointed customers. Customers that you will lose if you don't do something to sort the problem.
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Well done corsair for releasing a new set of hs1s with jack support and you haven't even fixed the hs1 with USB support problems we are all having. Still nothing has been done. Thank you I think I will stick your award winning headset in the bin because it is about as much use as an inflatable dartboard.
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  • Corsair Employee

Hi all,


Sorry for the late reply we were short handed due to holidays and CES. We are aware of these issues and working as quick as we can to provide a solution.


@Safe10, can you tell us what version is your Ventrilo? We have tested the latest 3.0 and didn't see any issue at all. What decoder and processor filter you have installed?


@csemoses, Is this the only Mic on your system? If you have other mic installed, then please remove it or make sure you select the correct Mic in the audio properties.

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@Ram Guy, it was the only mic. Not even a soundcard installed at the time.


Your tech support basically sent me a form email back, after i submitted a ticket explaining what was wrong. It said 'we've looked into this extensively, uh huh... I didnt even get a single email back, asking to check settings, etc. or troubleshoot. Just a 'please return your product' ... so, being a good consumer, i followed instruction and sent it back ;)


Here's to hoping my issue was physical. I doubt it was though, my money is on the returned headset doing the same thing.


It should be arriving at corsair tomorrow, or monday.


I have to say, if this is simply a software issue, i'm gonna be a little p/o'd about having to ship a product back that was a christmas gift to me from my wife, when a note to the tech support folks not to auto-RMA HS1's at this time would have prevented this.


We'll see!

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Please don't flame me if this has already been reported/discussed as I am just trying to help. I just got the HS1 and had the same low audio on my mic. I have only tested this with skype's echo service and had positive results. Here is what i did:


--> Recording devices in windows

--> Properties on the mic

--> Enhancements tab

--> Checked Low Frequency Protection

--> Checked Loudness Equalization

--> Click Apply


It was MUCH louder for me after that.

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