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Installed New Power Supply, Monitor/Keyboard don't work now


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My computer was not booting up at all, and the people at the computer store said the power supply was bad. I went to Best Buy and bought a Corsair 700W power supply. I was running a 780W power supply in my computer. The computer will boot up now, but I cannot get the monitor and keyboard to work? Did I miss a plug in?
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  • Corsair Employee

Check to make sure that you have the following cables plugged in:


24-pin ATX plugged into motherboard

4/8pin EPS 12v plugged into motherboard

PCIE connectors plugged into graphics card if your card requires it


If those are plugged in already, I would disconnect everything else, USB devices, HDDs, optical drives, leave a single stick of memory installed, and see if you are able to get anything to come up with a bare bones configuration.

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