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Smaller Graphite case?


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I would love to see a smaller version of the Corsiar Graphite 600T.


I really like the 600T but it's a bit to big for my taste. I would prefer a case with the similar design as the 600T but a bit smaller.


How about:


Corsair Graphite 500T


20 (L) x 18 (H) x 8 (W)




1 x 140 mm front

2 x 140 mm top

1 x 120 mm back


LED fans that can be turned off (or No LED fans at all).


USB 3.0


Fan control







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We will be looking into other case designs in the future and assessing customer demands/needs. Thanks for the input.


I have the * impression * that Corsair announces new products at the CompuTex show, out of Taiwan, sometime each summer.

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I would go for a smaller case as well.


The same as the first post, except:

  • Keep it ATX or Extened ATX
  • Drop the firewire connection. Old school on it's way out.
  • Add more USB 3.0. One isn't enough
  • Drop the fan controller since most use the MB to contol the fans.
  • Add a shield/shelf with a mesh grill above the PSU for those that prefer to mount the PSU fan facing up.
  • Add capability to mount wheels.
  • Keep the same amount of 5 1/4 bays but you can drop 1 or 2 3 1/2 internal bays.
  • Improve the trays for the internal drives. They are a bit flimsy.
  • Allow for the internal drives to be mounted with connections facing either direction. Kind of a pain to have to remove both side panels to work with the drives.
  • Allow for a 140 fan to be mounted on the side panel. Maybe a window too.



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I love the features and styling on the 600T and just wish there was a smaller version for people without monster graphics cards or full ATX mobo's. I like the Fan Controller too!


Trying to move from a TT monster Alu case to something a bit smaller all round but still with good looks and cable management.


I've got money to spend and the carbide series just doesn't fit the bill for looks for me.


Here's hoping Corsair have a 500T tucked away in the next couple of months before I upgrade into something else!

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People looking for a smaller Graphite case, like myself, don't need more than two 5.25" bays (optical unit and maybe a fan controller or card reader) and more than three 3.5" internal bays (a HDD and two SSDs).

They won't be doing any custom watercooling, H100 would be more than enough so there won't be any need for a reservoir or pump space.

140mm fans are a real PITA because all the really good and silent fans are 120mm and this especially as corsair use very thin, flimsy and noisy 140mm ones (a really adventure to replace one of those). Rather than a 140mm one it would be much better to have 2x120 (front and top).


I know this would increase the cost of case, but behind the internal 3.5" bays would be great to have a backplane like the hotswap ones so as abisel said would be possible to remove internal drives without opening the both panels.

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