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Re: Corsair SSD Hard Drive WARRANTY???


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Re: Corsair SSD Drive WARRANTY???



I was searching through the Corsair website hoping to be able to insert my model, my serial and find the warranty left on my drive.


But after being on the confusing web site I have since given up and found myself on here, hoping there is some kind soul willing to help me through what I call the most unnecessarily confusing web site I have ever had to go on.


All I am looking for is the warranty web page where I can find out how long I have on my hard drive, is that too much too ask?


Can anyone please help me, and put me out of my misery???

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Hi Wired,

Thanks for getting back to me so fast Wired, that was great!~

Hope you're keeping well:)


I am not that stupid, but perhaps i did not explain clearly in my first message.

What i was looking for was an online link that I could go to, to check out my warranty like this one from seagate...


Just cut and paste into browser:

link: http://support.seagate.com/customer/en-us/warranty_validation.jsp?form=0


Its so short, sweet and simple that I thought even corsair could implement such a feature on their website.


Do you know If they have such a feature on their website, or do I have to physically call them up just to find out the warranty of my product?


Thats what I meant to say, sorry for the confusion!

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I understand what you're asking for, but since it's from purchase date, a website like that is simply not needed IMHO. Now if you're wondering when it was made, I believe the first 4 digits of the serial number indicate that (first pair of digits are the year, second pair are the week).
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In addition we do not require a registration process prior to issuing a RMA, it will go by the purchase invoice. So save a copy of your invoice. If you loose that we will go by the Lot code Wired mentioned.
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