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Fail to boot after nights shutdown


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I have recently (15 days) built this system.

I am unable to boot to windows after a nights shutdown.

After BSOD will boot properly after shutdown, power off and discharge caps by pressing on button and then restart.


Once successfully booted the system runs stable.

subsequent shutdowns restarts no problem, only fails after night of shutdown.


I have updated my bios (ami) to .1d as recommended by msi tech support and am running under optimal defaults (have tried changing from 1t to 2t).


I have run memtest straight from an overnight shutdown and it has 1000,s of errors (test 5).

Reboot and memtest will run successfully without errors.

Have also run Orthos and on one bootup got failures every 10mins or so

but most time runs for hours with no errors.

Problem is it is a bit difficult to test when you have to wait to next day to see results.

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Funny, Amd overdrive shows memory vddq as target 1.6v, actual 1.6v

but cpu-z shows voltage at the bottom of spd page as 1.50 on all four jedec.

So, What do I look for to change in the bios? ie whats it called?

Thanks for the assistance.


I just searched the bisos and found where you can adjust the memory voltage vddq. Its set to auto but if I hit the numberpad + key it goes to 1.61, hit the - key it goes to 1.59.

This suggests to me the auto is 1.6 (as amd o/d is showing), will try setting it to 1.61 and see what cpu-z says.

I have also manually set timings to 9,9,9,24 - not sure if this will help?

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Start up this morning BSOD (manual voltage set 1.61v and manual set timings 9,9,9,24).

Pressed reset into memtest boot, loads of errors (test#5, 1 minute).

Pressed reset into normal boot, second BSOD.

Pressed/held power button into memtest, no errors (test #5, 1 minute)

exit memtest to continue successful boot.


So, It did not need the power off caps discharge. Just power down (not reset).

Hope this explanation is clear.

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