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Are the SATA SSDs Hot Swapable?

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The drive it self is not the question, the controller would be the question and I have swapped them hot before with out any problems, but the controller will be the big factor if the controller driver does not support it the system will have to be restarted.
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Can you use your SATA SSDs in a standard removable drive bay? Are they hot swapable?


Thank you for your time.


If the drive bay is ready for 2.5" drives, then yes, our drives work fine with hot swap trays such as the one in our Obsidian 800 case.


I used one of our SSDs in a recent paper we produced for the Apps Lab Build Log discussions, LINKED HERE.


I used an Antec P180 case that is about 2 years old. The drive trays are not predrilled for SSD hole patterns. So, again it will depend on your trays as the drives are built to the correct form factor.


For the purpose of that build, I simply use some 2 sided tape to attach the drive.

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