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Flash Voyager 8GB Speed Issues


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I have a 8GB corsair flash voyager that I just bought and im getting only about 6-ish MiB/S transfer rates out of it... I have tried on mac, windows and linux.. and the data transfer rate is almost the same...


I think i should mention that i live (and bought the drive) in India. Most flash drives here are ******** or transcend and have data rates from 15-30 MiB/s

and these cost less than the corsair drive. :mad:


So i called up customer care an im not sure they guy knew what he was talking about but he said i should be getting about 10-15MiB/s and i should take it in to the service center to get it replaced.


Isn't 10-15 MiB/s an extremely LOW speed considering i can buy ****ty ******** drives for half the cost that can do DOUBLE that speed?? Are we being sold some sort of old version of the drive (The packaging was the same as on the website and the service center confirmed it wasnt fake.)


So when i get my drive/replacement back (in about 4 days) will it run at a measly 10 MiB/s or faster???

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that speed it totally normal, write speeds are also slower than read speeds

I have one of these drives, the fastest write speed ive got it 6meg/sec when writing and when reading about 25 megs /sec


i was suprised when i bought mine it mentions speeds of 19 meg sec

but its only for read speeds


The gt models are the fastest read/write speeds

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