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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I am using corsair sp120 rgb pro fans on my rig. As you can see in the screenshot, fan speed should be at 300 rpm, but it always stays at around 800. Any way I can fix this issue? Everything is updated. I am not using any splitter. Fans are connected directly to commander pro. icue version 4.29.203.
  2. I put a new system together, and have 2 fans that came with the H100i and three fans that came with my Corsair case. I connected All of the fans to the node core that came with my H100i. In the early stages of setting up my system, I noticed the 3 fans that came with the case ran a lost faster compared to the 2 that came with the H100i. I said, oh well, I know (or think I should be able to) control these fan speeds in iCue. Once I installed Windows and everything else, in iCue, sure enough, the 2 fans that came with the H100i were running around 350-400 RPMs and the 3 fans that came with the case were all humming at 1300-1450!! The all had "Balanced" profiles - which I would think would make them run approximately at the same speed...but apparently not. I did tons of research, watched some videos, searched this forum, and tried to create a custom Profile and curves, and even tried to just pick one of those case fans and set to a specific RPM, but I cannot seem to get these fans to behave. When the system is just sitting there idle, the 2 fans that came with H100i nicely run at 300-400, but the other case fans ALWAYS are at 1300-1450 and are rather noisy and annoying. Why can't I get finite control over these fans? I figured that since I have ALL fans (which are all Corsair fans) connected to the node core, that I could do all the tweaking I want...but I can't seem to get it to work. Very frustrating. Hany help/pointers? Greatly appreciated! Here is a quick screenshot of what I see. https://imgur.com/LTA4VFS
  3. Hi, I've been having issues trying to get my RAM to the 3200 Mhz speed or at least close to it. I have the XMP profile enabled in bios and shows it's at 3200Mhz but when I get into the actual computer it shows it running at 2133mhz. I've tried manually changing the timings and that didn't work and I had to clear my cmos in order to boot again. I do have the RAM in the correct DIMM slots as recommended by the mobo manufacturer. Any ideas? mobo: Aorus Pro B550M GPU: XFX Rx 580 Ram: (2x) 8gb Vengeance Pro RBG CMW16GX4M2C3200C16W
  4. Hi everyone, I am new to the community and this is my first post. I bought my setup about 6 months ago and cannot get my RAM to run at its proper speeds. I have an ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero motherboard with 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro CMW32GX4M2C3200C16 RAM. Unfortunately I didn't know how finicky this chipset is with RAM and I didn't check the compatibility list (My RAM is not listed). The BIOS automatically defaults to 2133 MHz speed and I've tried changing the speed to 3200 MHz. Is there anybody who could help me out with this? I am not familiar with changing RAM settings. Thanks in advance!
  5. Bonjour, j'ai un soucis avec la gestion de mes ventilos dans iCue. Je vous explique. Sur la face avant de mon boitier, j'ai 3 ventilateurs branchés sur le commander PRO. Pas de soucis avec les leds tout va comme je veux. Par contre la vitesse des ventilos varie beaucoup et ils sont assez bruyants. En utilisation bureautique, j'ai constaté qu'ils montaient régulièrement à plus de 1500 tr/min hors j'aimerai qu'ils reste dans les 900 RPM. Peut importe que j'applique le profil Silencieux/Équilibré ou même ma courbe perso, on dirait qu'ils n'en tiennent pas compte. Ma Carte mère est la ASUS ROG STRIX Z370E GAMING. Y a t-il une configuration particulière à faire dans la carte mère ? Est-ce que je dois choisir le mode PWM ou DC pour les ventillos dans la CM ? Merci pour votre aide
  6. Hi, tldr: my cpu "fan" reading says ~4000-6000 rpm even though in reality there are zero fans attached to the motherboard. Everything is either through H100i's iCue or NZXT CAM, both through USB 2.0 to the motherboard. --- I just built a new rig in March 2019. Here are my relevant specs: ASUS Prime x470 Pro H100i Platinum SE NZXT H700i with 3 front 120 mm fans (The rear 140mm fan was removed). My CPU fan reading (on HWMonitor, NZXT CAM, and ASUS BIOS) reads around 4000-6000 RPM. However, in reality, I do not have a single fan (of any kind) connected to my mother board. I have the two 120 mm LL fans from corsair for my H100i for my cpu. But those are both attached to my H100i directly through USB (basically whatever the Corsair install directions said). My NZXT fans are run through the CAM hub, but the CAM hub is connected to my motherboard through USB as well. Thus, there shouldn't be a single fan connected to my motherboard. Yet my "cpu fan reading" still says 5000 rpm. My actual cpu radiator fans, run through iCue is working just fine. So are my other fans. Even if I assessed this setup wrong, there still isn't a single fan running at all times (idle or load) at 4000-6000 rpm. That "phantom" fan doesn't exist. Just wondering what is going on with that reading? Have I assessed this right? I really just want to know where this "phantom" fan reading is coming from. And how I can get rid of that reading? Should I instead connect a fan to the motherboard itself? Nothing is actually wrong with my system. And clearly there is nothing running at 5000 rpm. Thanks! Cheers!
  7. I upgraded the driver to the link and one of my case fans was up to 3000 rpm, and all fans were working way too hard. After research and inspection I installed iCUE, which I had never had and the fan issue magically disappeared. Any other fan issues I need to know about?
  8. So I have tried to uninstall iCUE and reinstall it, didn't fix my problem. Uninstalled LiNK software, didn't help and doesn't seem to be required for my AIOs. Any fix to display my RPMs? Is there a iCUE issue regarding RPM read-outs? I am able to set % speeds and the RPMs change, but doesn't display it in iCUE.
  9. I cannot seem to find a lighting preset for setting different colors/ nuances based on the current fan speed. This would be very cool to have in future tho! What do you think?
  10. As title says I've been having nothing but bother, I originally RMA'd two kits of 2x4Gb DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz RAM - making a total 4x4Gb sticks - when these were in my system I received nothing but memory errors, windows crashes etc. So, 14+ days later I received a new lot of RAM this morning via RMA and low and behold this has issues too - not memory errors or crashes etc but a rather irritating one that has just been annoying the hell out of me - it will not run past 2800mhz when all four sticks are installed either via XMP or manual timings as suggested here on the forum - these are on the QVL for my motherboard and my CPU - 6700k, I should note that the previous lot of 4x4gb sticks I sent back all ran at the rated 3000mhz with my CPU mildly OC'd to 4.4ghz using just the XMP setting. I've tested for hours on end and this RAM you sent me as replacement will only run at 3000mhz when only one individual kit is installed - in short, runs good when I just put one kit of 2x4Gb sticks in - in any configuration with the RAM channels - this is the case for either kit. But all four sticks together? nah they don't place nice at all! Not happy and well, the RMA service was a total shambles - no updates and constantly having to contact your customer service team via live chat or skype was a nightmare when 1) you're in the UK 2) neither customer service person I spoke to knew how to help or what was going on with my RMA's Because it was two separate kits purchased at two separate times your support team thought it best to handle them individually - two RMA's for the RAM kits, which was irritating as all hell to keep track of, the codes for these should any corsair rep wish to look into it was 660413 and 661178
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