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XMP shows enabled but still not correct?


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I've been having issues trying to get my RAM to the 3200 Mhz speed or at least close to it. I have the XMP profile enabled in bios and shows it's at 3200Mhz but when I get into the actual computer it shows it running at 2133mhz. I've tried manually changing the timings and that didn't work and I had to clear my cmos in order to boot again. I do have the RAM in the correct DIMM slots as recommended by the mobo manufacturer. Any ideas?


mobo: Aorus Pro B550M


GPU: XFX Rx 580


Ram: (2x) 8gb Vengeance Pro RBG CMW16GX4M2C3200C16W


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I purchased some 2 sticks of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 memories. On the ram sticks, the timings were stated as 16-20-20-28. However, after installing (and I tried the sticks both on a Z390 motherboard and x570 motherboard with same results), I read the timings as 22-22-22-52. Also the sticks do not have any XMP profile that can be enabled in BIOS.


I was searching the internet and I noticed a video on youtube with similar issues.




I think there are counterfeit Corsair RAM being sold in the market. I asked Corsair customer support about it, and he said I should not be looking at the timings, I should be looking at the frequency. I'm not sure why if the frequency is correct, that I can't look at the latency timings. Obviously someone relaxed the timings in order to hit 3200mhz, and pass it off as 3200mhz RAM. Customer support seems to think it's ok. If Corsair thinks it's ok to sell ram stated as 16-20-20-28 when it's running at 22-22-22-52, I guess Corsair wouldn't mind if a start warning everyone that Corsair is selling ram at high latency timings but passing them off as low latency?





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For both of you, make sure you are looking in the right place to verify your XMP timings and frequency are in effect. The "SPD tab" in CPU-Z is not the right place. The "Memory" tab right before is where you want to look.


Also, it's possible you have multiple XMP profiles on the module. I can't get a hit off that model number. Possible it's a from a OEM builder kit. Corsair can help with that.

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If your stick says 3200C16 you will get 3200C16. Looks like someone tampered with them. Where did you buy them?


@OP: Where are you taking your reading from? Check with CPU-Z if you haven't.


I pulled the timings from the back of the ram stick to match the xmp profile 1 timings. It only shows 1 xmp profile that I'm able to use on the Mobo too. I'm not sure what else to try to get the speed higher than the standard.

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