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8gig of TW3X4G1600C9DHX in xfx 790i Ultra


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Greetings. I'm thinking about buying this memory, TW3X4G1600C9DHX. The board I'm using is the XFX 790i Ultra SLI. This memory is listed as compatible, but some have said that certain settings need to be changed if one is to run with 8gigs which is the maximum the board will run.


So, if I buy two kits of this memory, my questions are


A: Will they all fit?


B: Are there any settings that will need changed or tweeked? (i.e. voltages, FSB, timings, advanced timings, etc.)

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  • Corsair Employee

Physically the memory will fit and it should run just fine but, not necessarily at 1600. Some MOBOs can do it and others cannot and it varies from individual board to board and is determined by the memory controller.


You will need to set the memory voltage and timings manually and also likely need to increase the memory controller voltage to 1.4v or so. If it is not stable at 1600, I'd suggest you fall back to 1333 and try to clock it up manually from there and find your maximum stable speed.

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