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I very recently purchased an M65 Ultra wired, upgrading from an older M65 Elite that was starting to get the double-clicking issue. So far the mouse has been great, save for a rather annoying issue with the Mouse 4 (Back) / Mouse 5 (Forward) buttons which, when iCUE is running, act as if they are being held down when I press them for longer than approximately 7-10 seconds.

As mentioned, if I close iCUE this issue is completely eliminated.

I have attempted to soft reset, force upgrade the mouse's software (v. 1.13.33), and reinstall iCUE (v. 4.18.209), all to no avail.

Hopefully someone here has a solution.

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Interesting. We have been discussing this in relation to sniper button and that same hold/lock behavior. Hold for 5 sec effectively locks the key down. An additional click unlocks it. I wondered if it was deliberate since there is a theoretical benefit vs holding down the sniper key for 15 or 20 seconds. However, if mouse 4/5 do this as well, then I can’t think of a reason for it and it would seem to be a bug. This is new behavior in 4.18. Reverting back to 4.17 should correct it until patched. 

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