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and another TX650W


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I got this power supply about 2 months ago. Everything was fine until last night. I shut down my computer and in the morning it wouldnt power on. Nothing would happen, absolutely nothing, not even a beep. My motherboard is an Asus P5Q-PRO. The power status led on the motherboard was blinking, when it was supposed to be solid. Sure enough, i tried my brother's power supply and it fired right up. I also shorted the Green/Black cable like your website reccomended, and the fan was running.


I get the feeling that the TX650 is the worse PSU that corsair makes since the boards are overwhelmed with problems for this one.... makes me sad since i payed 90 euros thinking i got a solid PSU... was there a bad batch or something?


The "Submit Request" button of the RMA form is not working for me... from 3 different computers and a dozen browsers.. i'll try again tomorrow.

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