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  1. Test the DIMMs in Memtest86+ individually (one at a time) at the rated XMP settings. See if you can narrow it down to a single DIMM. Could also just be the IMC. Skylake is known to require a bit of voltage tweaking to get stable with >2133MT/s, especially with four DIMMs.
  2. I'm using the exact same board and exact same DIMMs in A1 and B1 with no issues.
  3. No issues so far with my LPX 2400 C14 kit at XMP on a Z170 Pro Gaming. Kind of glad I went for low frequency, low CL memory now. Hopefully the issues with higher speeds get resolved though, at least ASUS is actually pushing out BIOS updates, rather than nothing at all.
  4. Wow it still works... There isn't any danger if you keep using it, but I would monitor it for any possible issues. Also have a listen to it to see if its making any new or odd noises.
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