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Hello kind and knowledgable people.


I am unable to stabilise my system with this memory. Window XP BSODs, even when I loosen the settings. I ran memtest86 and I got errors. I do want to run them at least at their rated timings otherwise whats the point?


Are they any compatibility issues with the 9NDA3J and 2GB 3500LLPRO memory?


If there are issues then I must negotiate with my supplier for a suitable exchange.


If they should work then I hopefully will get a replacement.


Theres the boring hardware list bit...





AMD 64 4000+ San Diego

Memory (that works!!):

GeIL PC3500 Golden Dragon @ 219.5MHz

Graphics Card:


Hard Drives:

Maxtor 6Y160P0 (160GB) IDE0: Master

WDC WD400JB-00ENA0 (40GB) IDE0:Slave

WDC WD400JB-00ENA0 (40GB) IDE0:Slave

NVIDIA STRIPE #1 Maxtor 6B160M0 (160GB) SATA 1

NVIDIA STRIPE #2 Maxtor 6B160M0 (160GB) SATA 2

Power Supply:

Tagen TG480-U01 (480W)


M-Audio Delta 192 (slot 2) and 2496 (slot 3)


LACIE electron 19 blu IV

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I have not heard of any conflicts with any Epox MOBOs. Do you have the latest bios installed?


Also, try loading setup defaults and then set the memory voltage to the 2.7v - 2.8v range. After that, try testing the memory 1 stick at a time for 3-5 passes on Memtest.

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I just run Magic BIOS and it states that I have the last BIOS version:


6A61CPAH For nForce3 Ultra Chipset 05/02/2006


I will try testing one stick at a time.


By the way what do I hope to achieve by doing this?


Also, what do you mean by a "pass"? How long does a pass take? I normally leave memtest on over night and if I see red I can tell that it's failed.


I may be betraying my ignorance, but lets sort that out so I know why I am to do what you ask.


Thank you for your time.

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Memtest is a series of about 7 tests. Once it completes, it starts over. In most cases, you will find memory errors within 5-10 passes, or cycles, or completed tests.


If the memory will test OK with 1 stick and you prove that both sticks are not defective, then the problem is not the memory. If both sticks will pass Memtest, then another component or the bios is likely the problem.


Mike .

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I put the first stick in (serial # 100191916) and let it run over night...


It failed the modulo 20 test 7826 times in 19 passes.


The second stick (serial # 100191915) went through 32 passes with no errors.


I guess we have narrowed the problem down.


What do you recommend now, should I return it to my supplier (they seem to have it out of stock at the moment) or shall I return it direct to Corsair (I am a UK resident)?

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Either is fine IMO. If your supplier is local, that may be faster than having to ship it back to either the supplier or Corsair. If your supplier cannot help you, contact support here and they will help you out. Since it is a TwinX pair, you will need to return both DIMMs so that you can get a matched+tested pair back.



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Thank you for the advice.


I am going to try and go through the reseller tomorrow.


It was nice to trace the problem to the memory rather than my current hardware.


Ill return to this thread when I get replacements and comment on their use with my system.



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