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P5WD2 + 4 x 512-5400C4 ?


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Back in the summer I had to do an 'emergency build' when my old computer blew up about 3 months before I had the money to build a new system. As such, I just bought 1.0GB of memory in the form of a TWIN2X1024-5400C4 package. Now, I am debating going to 2GB. I don't want to throw away the old RAM I purchased (Especially since it was so expensive at the time!) but reading here I am a bit concerned about stability with 4 DIMMs. I can buy another TWIN2X1024-5400C4 for a great price right now, and am afraid if I wait too long I won't be able to get the 5400C4s and will really be up a creek (in terms of compatibility)


So, my question is, I know this isn't ideal. But are the odds on my side that 4 of the 512mb 5400C4 will work OK in my Asus P5WD2? I do not overclock and my system has been absolutely rock solid. I don't want to lose that stability. I saw that it is recommended to bump the DIMM voltage to 2.1V for a stable system. It seems like, from searching, that I read more horror stories than success stories, but I don't know if that's the Internet phenomenon of "only people with problems post", or if I WILL run into issues.


Now, buying a 2x1gb DIMM package would be idea but out of my price range (and I don't want to toss the old RAM), so... is my plan a good idea or am I asking for trouble?


Thanks! (& happy new year!)



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Hey Justin...


I'm running 4 sticks of Corsair CM2X512-5400C4 with no trouble at all and have been for about a month. My system is running rock solid though I did have to make a few bios tweaks to manually set the ram.


You should have no trouble running 4 sticks of that memory in your system.



Happy New Years!




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Thanks for the help. I just ordered the new TWINX package-- it seemed like they're getting hard to find, I am wondering if Corsair is discontinuing this RAM. So I decided to jump and get it.


I'll post back when I receive it and get it installed. :)


Thanks again!

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Just to follow up on my post, I received my new 5400C4s and installed them. Everything seems fine! The P5WD2 did its "Overclocking failed!!!" thing on first bootup, but once I boosted the voltage to 2.1V everything was fine. (it had been 2.0V for the 2 5400C4s, I guess 4 need at least 2.1V)


I ran Memtest86+ for about 2.5 hours (which properly reported all memory specs), it did almost 3 full passes, and everything seemed fine. System has been stable so far since then. Everything looks fine in CPU-Z as well. I'll have to try to push the system a bit harder in the next few days, although I doubt much is harder than a few straight hours of memtest.


Thanks all for your help!

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