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Found 14 results

  1. It's dangerous to go alone 🚨 Introducing CORSAIR's newest collection, Enchanted Quest! These eye-catching limited edition keyboards and headsets were inspired by retro 8-bit RPG and fantasy genres. Equip these magical items and add a unique, colorful flair to your gaming setup! Everything you love in the K65 RGB MINI and HS80 - now in 4 unique color schemes! 💧 Ethereal Blue 👾 Purple Rune 🌺 Pink Elixir ✨ Pastel Twilight (K65 RGB MINI Exclusive) Visit our Collections page HERE! Need more information? Check out our detailed product posts on the K65 RGB MINI and HS80. *All Four K65 RGB MINI varieties come with an exclusive custom ESC keycap with a unique icon that fits each Enchanted Quest theme. Let us know your thoughts below!
  2. With versatile connection options, a remarkably comfortable lightweight design, and high-quality audio, the CORSAIR HS55 WIRELESS CORE Gaming Headset allows you to play all-day on wireless sound! Play in luxury thanks to plush leatherette memory foam ear pads and an adjustable headband, providing a comfortable fit through hours of PC or PS5 gameplay, or with any compatible Bluetooth® mobile device. Here are a few quick highlights: Low-latency 2.4Ghz wireless lets you enjoy high-quality audio without the wire, featuring a range of up to 30ft and up to 20 hours of battery life, plus Bluetooth® support for mobile devices and more High-quality, custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers deliver excellent sound with the range needed to hear everything on the battlefield including Tempest 3D AudioTech support on PS5, and is Discord-certified for crystal-clear communication An omnidirectional Microphone accurately captures all your calls and commands for rich voice quality, with a convenient flip-to-mute function On-ear audio controls offer convenient volume, mute, sidetone, and EQ preset adjustments without interrupting your game Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick FAQ down below: Q: How much does it weigh? A: With its lightweight construction, the HS55 WIRELESS CORE weighs just 266g for all-day comfort. Q: How far does the wireless range reach, and how long does the battery life last? A: The HS55 WIRELESS CORE's wireless range extends as far as 30 ft and has a battery life of up to 24 hours per charge. You may also achieve up to 6 hours of gaming on a 15-minute charge!
  3. hi corsair i have had my corsair virtuoso rgb wireless se for about a year and a half now. there have been discussions about the reverse audio problem. i am having the same issue for the last 6 months on the same laptop. it is an Asus ROG Strix Scar III G731GW laptop. i must turn of the wifi, disconnect/reconnect the usb dongle and then turn the headset back on to fix the issue. any suggestions?
  4. I just go the virtuoso xt and i can change the color on iCue but it doesnt want to save the color i set it to when icue is closed or its disconnected from icue like it will with my other pc components. I would like to keep it set to red not the default blue when icue is closed or when im paired to my phone via bluetooth. Is this possible and i dont know what im doing with this messy software or is it just not currently possible?
  5. I have had this headset for about 4 months. I don't exactly know how it broke, but it broke after I plugged it in into my PlayStation controller, then I took it out, and it only works on the right ear. No, it isn't my device, It only works on the right ear on all devices. Not sure why it broke like this.
  6. I have Acer Predator Helios 300 and I recently installed iCue software for my Headphones HS70 Wireless. But its draining my battery so hard. My laptop used to work like 3 hours but now its only 45 minutes. I uninstalled iCue and then it started working for 3 hours back. Is there any way i can use iCue software and it will not impact the battery? Because iCue really enhances the sound of the headphones.. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi there! I have come across the problem where if I switch profiles in iCUE, button on keyboard or mouse/in app, where the profile changes Corsair headphones equalizer settings, then the audio stops working on Discord, and sometime even crashes games!!! The fix is simply to reselect the audio device I want to use, and sometimes restart Voicemeeter engine (virtual audio mixer). I usually fix these problems by myself, but I really don't know where to start. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you! With regards, Alvin.
  8. i have been eyeing the void wireless headset to replace my dying vengeance 1500, however one thing that I'm worried about is how secure the wireless connection is. is the connection encrypted or secured in any sort of manner, or is it sent unprotected to reduce latency? and if it is protected, how is the connection secured? i'm assuming pairing also shares an encryption key between the headset and the receiver, but i want to make sure. the reason I'm asking is I'm living in a college town apartment with decent access to tech, and if I've thought of it they've done it. also, is there a noticeable amount of latency during gaming and video playback? I've had Bluetooth headphones that lagged behind the screen and I don't want to repeat that experience. and does the void share some of the problems the vengeance series had, such as the ever present hissing and exaggerated volume? I've dealt with the hissing by muting 'line' and 'mic' as well as messing with drivers, but it would be nice to have a volume range bigger then 2 to 10. also, does it leak as much sound with the new ear cup design? and lastly, can i connect the headset directly to my PC or PS4? I'm assuming i cant since its not listed on the website, but if it is possible does it offer any improvements at all? and will it allow the volume buttons to work with the PS4? is the battery replaceable, or is the headset effectively junk when it dies? can it work without the battery? i definitely want a wireless headset, but i want to be aware of any shortcomings that come with it, as well if i can circumvent them when i don't use that functionality. thanks for taking time to read and answer!~
  9. I just bought 5 HS70 headsets for my team and we like them a lot. The only problem is that they are preventing our computers from sleeping. powercfg -requests shows USB audio device and Legacy Kernel Caller. I have no idea where to go from here, but having 5 computers on full time actual impacts our electric bill and keeps our small office hot. Anyone run into this and do you have a solution?
  10. so I've had these for a while and they worked fine. But I recently had dropped them while getting off for the day. I thought nothing of it because I dropped them a bit before. The next day I woke up and i heard on the left ear when I put them on my head or apply pressure, it makes a weird squeaking/clicking noise which I can't really describe but the audio has turned almost completely nonexistent. I could barely hear from the left ear anymore and I fear that its something internal, any help?
  11. Okay, as of right now with my ST100 plugged into the computer, the only way to switch between my Logitech Z313 speakers and the headphone jack on the ST100 is to go to my audio devices in the sound manager and manually select the default audio device. Since I rather not have to unplug my ST100 every time I want to use my speakers and plug it back in to use my headphones, is there any way to get audio to play on both devices simultaneously since I'm able to turn off my speakers via a control pod?
  12. So I accidentally broke the jack on my Corsair HS50 headphones and Im thinking of fixing them. The store close to me only has TRS jacks so I dont know if it will work in the place of a TRRS
  13. I have a pc with Windows 10. The computer detects the microphone, but when I speak or test it in the microphone audio test it does not work.If anyone knows what would be happening or how to solve the problem, please answer me. Thank you.
  14. So, I sent in a pair of corsair void headphones recently to be fixed/replaced a couple of weeks ago. The headphones were recieved and have been processing for the past two weeks. Is it suppost to take this long for processing? If so, when should I expect it to be sent out? Any help would be great. If you need the Ticket #, let me know
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