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Found 6 results

  1. I got my new HS80 RGB Wireless headphone today and behind all of the audio, there is a slight buzzing sound. It it nothing much and it drowned out by most sounds, it is just very annoying. I hear it behind all of my friends in discord and behind YouTube videos when it is silent. It also comes behind all windows notifications. If there is any fix to this, or if anyone else is having the same problem, please let me know. :) Thanks!
  2. I have the HS80 headset and I went into the iCUE app, clicked enable voice prompts, hated it, turned it off, and when I put my mic up or down the beeping prompts that tell you if the mic is muted or not is now gone. How do I bring that back? I need the beeping prompts. Do I just reset the headset or is there an option in settings I missed that turns the beeps back on?
  3. I recently bought the HS80 wireless headset as a wireless upgrade from my CM MH752. It was frankly quite the hard choice I made, as I wasn't planning to spend that much and the reviews from MULTIPLE tech YouTubers were filled with criticism of it's flaws after the praises. I went and bought the HS80 anyways, as I was (naively) hoping that those flaws would be fixed with some software and/or firmware update. These are 3 main issues I want to be resolved. 1. Battery indication with iCue. Please change it to percentage (like some of your other wireless headsets) or at least add the function showing 'FULL' when fully charged. This problem is probably why the HS80 received so much criticism for it's battery life, as I'm assuming most of the reviewers probably tested it when not fully charged without them knowing which then resulted in the widely known reputation of 'bad battery life' of the HS80 (which I found not true after personally testing it). 2. Mic LED. While there is the option to turn off the LED light on the microphone when turned on (white light), however, it doesn't do so when the microphone is turned off (red light). This is an issue I think could have easily resolved or improved the battery life issue. 3. LED. While on the subject of the LED, the power/charging indicator on the headset constantly flashes or 'breath' when turned on or charging. Again, I'm assuming flashing or breathing LED probably consumes more power than just static, which I hope you could change. Here are some small annoyances that I found as well but not as important as above; 1. Default EQ. It would be nice if I didn't have to have iCue constantly started to have my custom EQ applied to the headset. It probably would be physically impossible as the headset doesn't have any onboard memory or processing but perhaps a lightweight iCue like Logitech's OMM. 2. Headset on when charging. I frequently charge the headset using my power strip rather than my PC, although when doing so, the headset will still turn on and isn't connected to the PC (I'm assuming cause USB mode). While I've only just purchased the HS80 last month, the product was launch months ago. It's disappointing and frustrating to see the lack of update as I genuinely like this headset. The 'bad battery life' reputation of this headset was wrong but deserved as the flaws are still and probably will be true.
  4. After buying the HS80, it was time for me to install the iCue Software for the first time (never had any corsair peripherals before). Oh boy, what a big 770MB installer for this software-suite, just so that I can see my HS80 battery life. Also it comes with a lot of disadvantages compared to just using the HS80 without iCue: - Discord sound prompts (mute/unmute, joining/disconnecting room sounds) are now delayed for ~2 seconds - my Sound device configuration (2 Channels, 24bit, 44800Hz) is always getting overwritten by iCue with multichannel surround sound (although i completely turned Dolby or surround modes off) after every reboot - additional, unnecessary load on the system, because of the constant sensor monitoring for temps, fans speeds etc, even when you remove the widgets from the dashboard Imagine a person that has - a Razer mouse - a Steelseries Keyboard - a Logitech Webcam - a Corsair Wireless Headset This persons system would get completely wrecked with the amount of additional bloatware on the system that is required to use these products with all Features. Sadly all those big players that sell peripheral, seem to go this route with the "one app for all devices" approach. Some companies can get this "all in one software" done relatively compact and without many downsides for people that use only one device from that company and some can only get a huge bloatware with a lot of negative side effects. I get it, it's less work for the software development team and If the "user" is using multiple devices from the same company, it can be nice to have only one software for all those devices. I truly wish that Corsair would release a very compact software, dedicated for their wireless Headset lineup (maybe even multiple little apps for other peripherals as well) that is only offering the basic features (show battery status, search and update firmware, turn RGB on/off). But since the Discord + iCue bug is already known for over a year, without any solution (other than the embarrassing workaround of using Discord in Win 7 or Win8 compatible mode), I doubt, corsair will listen and do something about it.
  5. Hallo, ich habe mir das HS80 Wireless gekauft und bin auch soweit überzeugt. 😁 Aber auch wenn mir die Stimme sagt Mic Feedback off, ich höre mich immer selbst. Nur wenn ich das Mikrofon hochgeklappt habe ist das Feedback wirklich aus (und natürlich auch das gesamte Mikrofon). Erst dachte ich es liegt an Dolby Atmos. Aber auch nach der Deaktivierung bleibt das Problem. Auch wenn ich in iCue den "Nebenton" ausschalte ändert sich nichts. iCue sowie das Headset haben die neusten Updates. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit das Feedback komplett auszuschalten? Denn so ist das HS80 für mich leider nicht zu gebrauchen. ☹️
  6. Title above. The headset works fine in Wireless mode, but in wired mode I get this error if I try to use it. No sound comes out at all and windows doesn't even register sound being put through the device, even when I have it set as the default audio device.
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